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Zoopla claims OTM's 'spontaneous brand awareness' is only 2%

Research commissioned by Zoopla claims it remains the property portal in the UK with the highest spontaneous national consumer brand awareness.

The research, conducted between October 13 and 16, questioned over 2,000 consumers across the UK. 

When asked what property search websites they can think of, Zoopla came out on top with 38 per cent versus 35 per cent for Rightmove and two per cent for OnTheMarket.


In terms of prompted brand awareness - where consumers are given brand names and asked to identify those they have heard of - Zoopla and Rightmove both had national brand recognition of 78 per cent of all adults versus 17 per cent for OnTheMarket.

The data also revealed that when asked ‘Which of these property websites have you ever used’ 45 per cent claimed to have used Rightmove, 36 per cent Zoopla and five per cent OnTheMarket.

“The levels of national awareness of the leading portals as household brands known by over three quarters of all UK adults is the result of many years and hundreds of millions of pounds of marketing investment. We are currently working on a new national TV advertising campaign to launch before the end of the year which will further enhance our brand awareness and market position” says Zoopla Property Group spokesman Lawrence Hall.

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    Agent's Revolt

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    Zoopla is giving OTM more press than it is generating by itself. Don't they realise that if they just stopped talking about it, it would probably be dead already?

    Jon  Tarrey

    Good point, well made. This playground pettiness is becoming really quite pathetic. I don't think either side comes out of it well. I'm with you. If I were Zoopla, I'd shut up and let them die slowly. Then crow about it afterwards. It's what RM have done. Taken a backseat throughout all this. And look at how well they're doing.

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    As I'm not with OTM, I quite like the gossip - would be quite different if I was one of the poor agents who signed up and have been hugely let down


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