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Controversial Houser portal to create overseas sales website

The controversial UK property portal Houser is shortly launching an internet site marketing homes for sale across the United Arab Emirates, and aimed at UK property investors.

Houser made waves in the industry a year ago when it became clear it could automatically ‘scrape’ listings from individual agencies’ websites to create what would, in theory, be arguably the largest database of homes on sale of any portal.

However objections from some agencies - fuelled by concern that a listing on Houser may contravene OnTheMarket’s only-one-other-portal rule - led to several agents asking for their properties to be removed.

Publicity surrounding Houser then dissipated but it has taken control of property website Needaproperty.com and it also runs OverStreet.co.uk. Now it appears to be opening an international site for homes on sale in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE.

It is seeking partners with a statement on Houser’s website - taking visitors to a site with the website address of www.hut.ae - asking for agents to become “exclusive partners.”

It reads: “This is an opportunity for real estate agents, agencies and property developers to promote their properties to targeted audience in UAE and investors in United Kingdom. Contact us for more details on advertising and partnerships. Limited opportunities are available, only on first come, first served basis.”

Estate Agent Today last week requested further information about the new site from Houser, but has not received any response.

  • Fake Agent

    Houser! It's back. Where has it been, and what has it actually done, since launching all those months ago? From what I've seen and read, absolutely nothing.

    And yet here they are, expanding their operations to include an overseas arm. You couldn't make it up! Reminds me of easyProperty - no actual success to speak of, but plenty of misguided ambition and investors with more money than sense.

    I look forward to it being another 9 months before we hear about Houser's next venture.

  • icon

    cant recall one single enquiry from this website, better take a look and make sure they have my listings up there!

  • Kristjan Byfield

    Houser are utterly uselss not at all clear why they even get a mention on here!

  • icon

    They are not making agents money but i bet they are making money with the data they scrap from agents. If you have not already done so make sure your agency is not on houser or any other affiliate.


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