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Agencies amend wording of ads to escape advertising watchdog action

Two agencies have agreed to amend the wording of their advertisements to avoid the possibility of formal action by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The ASA, which publishes a weekly list of actions following complaints, has a category of 'informally resolved' cases.

This week, one informally resolved case involves Countrywide plc. "The complainant believed that details of a property listing which appeared on the company website were misleading" an ASA spokeswoman has told Estate Agent Today.

A second case involves south Wales property management company View2Rent, In this instance the complainant believed that a claim about VAT-free fees on the advertiser's website was misleading.

"In both instances we approached the advertisers about their adverts following the complaints and, in response to the concerns that we raised on behalf of the complainants, the advertiser agreed to withdraw or amend its ad without need for ASA action" says an authority spokeswoman. 

  • Trevor Mealham

    That legislation Juggernaut creeping up on agents again.

    I expect more cases will come to light hitting more budget type agents who maybe hire inexperienced call centre staff who see more importance in being cheap to win biz, over being better and more compliant.

    Seeing CW was a bit of a shock, seeing their the biggest traditional and biggest online agent in the UK. But for sure more will follow.

  • Rob  Davies

    Agreed, Trevor.


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