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The big question on everyone’s lips right now…are we actually heading for a crash?

29 July 2022 7623 Views
The big question on everyone’s lips right now…are we actually heading for a crash?

As uncertainty continues to prevail across the industry, aided by a government in crisis, the challenges in the months ahead feel more ambiguous than ever. Rising interest rates and a weakening economy often spell doom for the housing market. Add soaring inflation rates and a cost of living crisis, vendors are being bombarded with a very negative outlook.  Yet, despite this, the average cost of a home has risen for the 11th consecutive month, with the average property up 12.8% in the year up to May 22*. So, if this is the case, are we actually heading for a crash, or are we just talking ourselves into one and what can you do to dispel the myths?   

With lots of property market noise and vendors bamboozled with a string of mixed messages, maintaining confidence to keep the housing supply buoyant has never been more critical. With more disparity across the nation than ever before, it has become less about the House Price Index averages and more about the real-life situation in your catchment.  A new collaboration between market-leading screen provider, Intouch Displays, and award-winning market insights provider, Dataloft Inform, could offer the perfect solution to keep vendors coming through your door. 

Intouch  provide touch and non-touch display solutions that instantly improve an agent’s visual impact on the high street. Your business stands out night and day thanks to its ultra-bright screens and bespoke content software.  Digitising your window display, not only elevates your presence but offers a 24/7 conversation with the high street.

That’s where Dataloft’s online platform can transform the information you provide on the screens, offering hyper-local sales and lettings stats alongside visually engaging market commentary. Its team of experts turn millions of property market records into stories, trends and insights.  The platform is packed full of relevant and interesting content which places your agency in the driving seat to control the property market narrative in your area. 

This new package not only increases your prominence on the high street but gives you an excellent opportunity to deflate the mass media hype, dispel the myths and reduce the subsequent and often unnecessary uncertainty.  Your agency becomes the authoritative voice with precise, tailored local stats, allowing you to outpace the market with data-led intelligence.  

For multi-branch agency chains, the challenge of a trepidatious market can be transformed into an opportunity.  Using Dataloft’s comprehensive market insights, the larger chains can control the narrative in an entire region.  Leading on breaking regional property market news and adding to overall confidence in the area.   Creating content that eclipses their individual competitors. The ultra-bright screens beaming from their windows consistently elevate their presence across the territory too.  

 Intouch provides software and hardware with incredible flexibility.  It’s not a “one size fits all” solution.  Every element is designed with the agency to work for the specific needs of the agency. From fully managed software, updated in “real time” by InTouch to offer the ultimate hassle-free window solution, to a software management CRM that gives more control to the agent, there is a fully flexible solution to fit.  For larger chains, its software can be designed to link the associated branches together, offering a more centralised approach to provide consistent branding and messaging and all can be controlled by the Intouch team for seamless integration across the group.

As part of the Intouch package, the company offer a complementary graphics design service. Great to promote your USPs, it can also be used to create infographics or visualise your stats from Dataloft Inform, so you can regularly update your clients and prospective clients with engaging information. 

The perfect partnership, the screen’s prominence and content’s relevance will provide that added validation and reassurance needed to encourage vendors who are deliberating about whether to risk putting their homes on the market in a time of uncertainty. Giving you that all-important competitive edge as the imbalance between supply and demand persists.  Stakeholders feel that you are “always-on” and vitally, putting them one-step ahead of the game. 

On the relationship, Steve Blackaller, Sales Manager at Intouch Displays commented, “For Intouch, collaborating with Dataloft Inform was a no-brainer. Our focus has always been on delivering up-to-the-minute, ultra-high bright displays but also constantly looking at ways to innovate the content and make our clients’ lives easier. Dataloft offers just that, transforming complex stats into engaging, significant and effortlessly digestible information. It’s all so relevant, intuitive and easy-to-follow.”

Rory Black, Director at Dataloft Inform added, “Our exciting new partnership with Intouch Displays allows us to utilise a new marketing channel to capture the attention of buyers and sellers. The quality of the Intouch digital screens is exceptional and allows our mutual clients to put our range of infographics and hyper-local market insights firmly in the spotlight. It’s a great opportunity to maximise the effectiveness of both platforms to propel our clients’ businesses forward.”

Using the right technology and content to maximum effect unlocks more time for agents to provide that vital human touch and win listings. Traditional marketing practices don’t keep track with the current market pace and the agents succeeding are those constantly thinking outside the box. 

With the Autumn selling period likely to be the next big test of the market, agents must look now at how they can promote vendor and buyer confidence to ward off a potential crash. Gaining listings will require more than an ability to present a property. Engaging with sellers before they’ve even considered going on the market is vital. With Intouch and Dataloft Inform combined, you can sell your agency’s strengths, alongside the truth about your local market, even when you’re closed. 

To request a demo or discuss how you can benefit from an Intouch digital screen solution, contact Steve Blackaller at info@intouchdisplay.co.uk or call 01934 670 014 www.intouchdisplay.co.uk.  For more information on Dataloft Inform, visit dataloftinform.co.uk



*ONS House Price Index May 22

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