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Intouch Display

Optimise your Estate Agency window display 24/7 with interactive through-glass touch screens or non-touch sunlight readable carousel screens.

The Intouch bespoke software is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to effortlessly display your most up-to-date property portfolio, including integrated virtual property tours.

We include a comprehensive graphic design service to ensure the screen content is eye catching, community-driven and promotes your agency USPs within the local high-street. We are experts in our field and have been successfully providing our service since 2013 and pride ourselves on giving exceptional aftercare to all our customers nationwide. Our window display solutions have become an integral part of local community engagement with agencies displaying their support for local sports teams, industry affiliations and chosen charity.

The Intouch service is all about ease-of-use and flexibility right from the start, taking away the hassle and cost of having to manually update LED window pockets and through the mirror-casting function you can log in, see what’s being played on the screen “real-time” and update it remotely. For those agencies with multiple offices, one person can create the playlists for all screens, ensuring brand and message consistency across all branches.

Make sure your window display works for you and contact Intouch today.

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How can agents capitalise on the green shoots of recovery?

09 April 2024 391 Views

How can agents capitalise on the green shoots of recovery?

From the uptick in house sales in January to a house price rise the first time in over a year in February, it feels like the housing market is experiencing the green shoots of recovery.  While there isn’t the surety of a bumper year ahead, there are reports of a steady increase in buyer and seller confidence.  Where buyers have been holding back and sellers fearful of stagnating, this year’s optimism sees more buyer enquiries and stock on the market, alongside a positive trajectory on the number of mortgages approved. The question remains - how can estate agents capitalise on this positive position and deliver some upward momentum?    

Keith Stacey, Managing Director of renowned Oxfordshire estate agent group Breckon & Breckon took the bold step of introducing super-sized 75” display screens from InTouch Display at the front of its most recent agency opening in Bicester.  A believer in the power of the high street to draw in potential vendors and buyers, and placing the agency in an excellent position to capitalise on the current market position, Stacey commented “This large format non-touch display screen has been transformative, we have witnessed people being stopped in their tracks.  In fact, passersby were compelled to call in to the office to say how impactful it is.”  He added “Seeing the power of the screen and its ability to really showcase our properties and services along with other helpful community information such as local community events, it was a no-brainer to add them into our other locations in Abingdon, Summertown, Oxford City and Woodstock. 

How can agents capitalise on the green shoots of recovery?

Steve Blackaller, Sales Manager from digital display experts, Intouch appreciates Stacey’s willingness to digitise his window to drive forward the delivery of his brand.  He commented “These large-format displays offer an immersive, big and bold screen which allows the agent to put their brand front and centre in the community.  It instantly highlights expertise and gives the opportunity to become the authoritative voice for your local catchment.”  Blackaller added “For vendors, the ultra-high bright, sunlight readable screens really put their property up in lights, transforming its delivery to buyers”     

Digitising your window, not only elevates your presence but offers a 24/7 conversation with the high street. As market confidence increases and more buyers emerge, using better technology eases pressure on agents and allows you to effortlessly exceed expectations.  Stakeholders feel that you are “always-on” and vitally, putting them one-step ahead of the game. 

InTouch provide software and hardware with incredible flexibility.  It’s not a “one size fits all” solution.  From fully managed software, updated in “real time” by InTouch to offer a hassle-free window solution, to a software management CRM that gives more control to the agent, there is a fully flexible solution to fit.  The screens also integrate with all CRM providers; there’s no need for USB sticks or any other time-consuming, antiquated updates.

Using the right technology to maximum effect, minimises admin, unlocking more time for agents. The system takes away the hassle and cost of having to manually update LED window pockets.  Using the mirror-casting function, you can also log-in, see what’s on screen and update it remotely. For those agencies with multiple offices, one person can create playlists for all screens, ensuring brand and message consistency.

Gaining listings as competition intensifies requires more than an ability to present a property.  These large format 75” screens place an impressive billboard in your window for high visibility promotional material.  That’s where InTouch’s complementary graphic design service is an integral part of the offering. At no extra cost, InTouch provide a regular stream of “on-brand” bespoke messaging to speak directly to your community. Successfully used by its customer base, the service promotes each agency’s distinct USPs and informs of community events to give you that “ever-present” position in the back of a potential seller’s mind.

The typically south-facing high street positions which are favoured by estate agents for the warmth and light they bring into the office, can be at odds with digitising your window.  That’s why the superior build quality of InTouch products includes 4K ultra-high bright screens that are readable, even in direct sunlight, by far exceeding the competition. 

To request a demo or discuss how you can benefit from an Intouch digital screen solution, contact Steve Blackaller at info@intouchdisplay.co.uk or call 01934 670 014 www.intouchdisplay.co.uk

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