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Rezi Estate Agency Software Integrates with Zapier in Industry First

27 November 2020 19097 Views
Rezi Estate Agency Software Integrates with Zapier in Industry First

Rezi’s integration with Zapier has transformed the way in which estate agents can now save time, money and resource. Agents are discovering that the key to managing workloads is to utilize a  platform with their CRM that can complete much of the work for them.

Zapier’s platform allows its users to automate workflows which has allowed Rezi to open its platform to entire market place apps. This means that mundane office-based tasks that agents get bogged down with, can be completed with a series of automated triggers and actions, which in turn gives agents the time that they need back to sell properties!

This industry first integration has also secured estate agencies the upper hand in ensuring consistency across company tasks, thus resulting in better client management.

Built for integration, Rezi and Zapier combined allows for an estate agency software that is simple, sleek and offers agents a step by step guide to connecting the property world.


What is Zapier?

Zapier is an automation platform that allows users to connect to thousands of marketplace apps.

It does this through its application programming interface (what we call an ‘API’) and by automating tasks to create time-saving workflows. Moving data between apps has never been simpler.

We could have written a lot more, but it’s really that simple!


The benefits of workflow automation for estate agents

Estate agents using Rezi software can now not only access tons of apps like Gmail, Xero, Mailchimp and more… they can transfer data from their CRM and create trigger Zaps that tell two or more apps to talk to each other. Day or night, the trigger and actions happen automatically and without the need for human intervention. Here’s how one agency is benefiting from our new software services and integration with Zapier,

“ The facility to contact our clients through the system and have team meetings during the lock down has been invaluable, the integration with our social media has also made us stand out from our competitors and makes us look good (we all need a bit of that now and again). I now find myself looking for additional Zaps (features) to add to the system which is a great problem to have and one I have never had to do before.” James Beard, Director, Stonegate Estates


The best Zaps for estate agents

At Dezrez, we acknowledged that agents could incorporate automation in almost every area of their daily administration tasks, meaning that they could spend more time with their clients and out viewing properties.

Rezi and Zapier integration means that agents cannot just transfer data from one market app to another, but extract information directly from their CRM to their most used industry apps, such as Mailchimp, Xero, Facebook, Outlook, Zoom etc.


The apps that our agents are using the most

Property Instructed, Reduced or Sold > Add a Watermark > Post on Facebook 

When you instruct a property, mark a property as reduced or sold, this workflow automatically crops the image and adds a watermark then posts it to Facebook  - then sends an SMS to the Vendor


Rezi Estate Agency Software Integrates with Zapier in Industry First  


Zapier Chrome Extension > Loom Video > Send to Vendor or Landlord

Send a bespoke video message Via an SMS to a Vendor or Landlord at the click of a button using Loom, Rezi & Zapier.


Rezi Estate Agency Software Integrates with Zapier in Industry First


Viewing Created > Generate Google Maps Link > Send SMS 1 hour before

When you create a viewing, this workflow automatically generates a link to google maps showing the viewer directions to the property from their exact location - adds it to and SMS and sends 1 hour before the viewing.


Rezi Estate Agency Software Integrates with Zapier in Industry First


Discover a selection of pre-built Zaps using our CRM to transfer information to industry used apps on our website

Gain more leads and sell more properties

With many estate agency software companies now offering agents the opportunity to become hybrid agencies, it’s crucial to be able to follow up with a new lead as soon as it comes in – and before they look elsewhere!

At Dezrez we have already created the most frequently used Zap/workflow triggers and actions for our estate agents to use whilst getting started and before building their own powerful Zaps. An example of an industry app created during the sales pipeline is outlined below: 

Property Instructs/exchanges/completes > Create account on Xero

When an agent changes a property to certain status such as instructed, STC or exchanged in Rezi, this workflow will automatically create an account in Xero – not only that another Zap can then be created to automatically create an invoice too!

Ross Liddell, Commercial Director at Dezrez adds “We wanted to build a product that puts a powerful workflow engine, automation tool and ability to integrate with other products in the hands of the agents, rather than wait on us or a developer to build for them.

Rezi agents use Zapier to save time, money and resource

Rezi estate agents using Zapier on average are saving  multiple hours per week by automating tasks. This has also lead to more efficient and consistent control of operations, a clearer visibility of agent processes using set zaps and a better line of communication between agent and client. Ross Liddell adds, “We have had some unbelievably positive feedback from agents that love what they are now able to do. It’s incredibly exciting.”

Speeding up response times and automated alerts has definitely revolutionised the way in which agents utilise their CRM and reap the benefits of taking control of their workflows.

It seems that the future for estate agents is not about longer opening hours but having better automation tools.

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