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Estate agents – here’s why you should promote the UK’s low commission fees

09 April 2019 14707 Views
Estate agents – here’s why you should promote the UK’s low commission fees

UK estate agents charge the lowest commission out of any nation in the European Union, according to a recent study by comparison service GetAgent.

Despite the perception that it is expensive to sell a home in the UK and the constant tug of war between traditional agents and their online counterparts, the average commission fee in the UK is just 1.2%.

Typical fees in the Republic of Ireland and Denmark also come in at below 2% while France, Malta and Cyprus were on the other end of the spectrum hitting 5%. Meanwhile, Romania tops the list at 6%.

While the research gave no information on comparative house prices in other countries, it suggests that for those with less expensive homes, the absolute money paid to agents may be less than in the UK.

It’s time for UK agents to promote their low commission fees

Although it’s widely believed that it costs a lot to sell a home through a UK estate agent, the reality is that for the exceptional service they provide consumers, the commission fee is actually comparatively low.

In fact, with the average commission fee in the UK currently around the 1% mark, it’s important that agents highlight this to illustrate why selling with them can be cost-effective.

There is plenty of evidence to support the notion that UK agents have historically charged some of the lowest commission fees.

Alongside the high level of customer service and value for money on offer from the majority of agents, low fees in the UK is something that agents must reinforce to clients. By doing so, you can explain the benefits of working with your agency and entice more prospective property sellers to instruct you.

Offer value for money with a top website and the best software

There is no better way to entice prospective sellers than impressing them with an appealing, user-friendly website and providing an efficient, streamlined service with the best property software available.

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What’s more, our efficient cloud-based software system allows you to keep on top call-backs, valuations and instructions, ensuring you don’t miss out on important new business. With the software, you will also be able to keep customers informed at all times – which will make them feel valued and content.

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