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Using call tracking to boost the impact of your marketing

12 June 2017 4178 Views
Using call tracking to boost the impact of your marketing

We live in world where the online economy is just as important as the offline economy. Whether your business is online or offline you need to use your resources efficiently in order to maximise profits and remain competitive. Luckily there are many tools that can help you achieve this goal. One of them is call tracking.

What is call tracking?

Not all marketing campaigns generate the same response level. Some of the factors that may affect the response level include the medium used, time of placing the ad, its location and how it is crafted. Call tracking works by placing a unique telephone number on any marketing piece.

This can be a newspaper advertisement, pay per click ads, online adverts or direct mail. For instance the telephone number you place on your billboard canl be different from the one you place on a newspaper advert. Using this method - using different telephone numbers for each platform - you’re able to track where calls come from.

When a prospect calls some of the valuable data that you receive include source of the lead, time of the day, length of the call, the campaign they are responding to as well as the geographic location of the caller. For an estate agent, these kind of details can make a huge difference in deciding where to spend your future marketing budget.

Increase marketing effectiveness

As an estate agent you want to focus your resources and efforts on marketing campaigns that reach and have an impact on the most people. The more phone calls you receive the more impact your marketing campaigns are having - this can be boosted by buying an 0333 number, for example, which is billed at a local rate, compared to the likes of 0845 numbers.

However, it is sometimes hard to know which of your marketing campaigns is bringing in the most phone calls. You may think most of them are from your pay per click campaigns when in reality they are from your billboards. Call tracking will help you determine marketing campaigns that are effective and those that are not effective. This information will then allow you to only invest in advertising channels that bring in the most customers.

Determine what drives calls

Thanks to the tremendous growth of the internet over the past two decades, the digital economy has quickly become the new frontier for business competition. Businesses pay a lot of money to advertise their products and services online. A key driver of online business success is having the right keywords in your online marketing efforts. That is where keyword call tracking comes in. This feature assigns a phone number to every individual visitor to your site thus allowing you to know not just who is calling you but also how they found you online. The feature, therefore, allows you to track your pay per click visitors and the keywords that they used to discover your business. Thanks to this feature you will be able to know which keywords are effective in your online campaigns and which ones are not.

Saving money

Many businesses think that call tracking is expensive, harms their SEO or confuses customers. This is not the case. Far from being expensive, call tracking saves your business money by letting you know the most marketing efforts that are generating the most enquiries. You are then able to focus your resources and efforts on the most effective marketing campaigns alone thus saving you money that you would have used on other inefficient campaigns.

Knowing your customer better

A key component of business success is knowing your customer, what they like about your business and what they don’t. Through call tracking you are able to not just listen to your customers firsthand but also record the calls. By recording the phone calls you are able to determine the effectiveness of your customer service and also identify aspects about your business that need improving. In this way you are able to improve your customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates. You are also able to identify callers that need more attention in order to turn them into customers that are loyal to your brand.

Call tracking provides a wide range of powerful features that help in tracking the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. This ultimately improves your business’ return on investment. By giving you valuable customer data you are able to gain a better understanding of your target audience and refine your overall marketing strategy in order to boost conversions. It should be noted that call tracking is not just beneficial to individual businesses but also marketing agencies. Call tracking enables the agencies to produce great results for their customers with minimum resources.

As well as many other features, NumberSupermarket.co.uk are able to provide a range of different numbers on demand to estate agents and other SMEs across the UK, perfect for call tracking. Number Supermarket sell a wide range of 03, 08 and local numbers for business and personal use.

Using call tracking to boost the impact of your marketing

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