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By Craig Vile

Director, The ValPal Network


Tech can help agents expand and improve their bottom line – here’s how

Technology can be utilised to grow and advance a company's income. That’s not a new or controversial statement, but here I aim to set out why.

In the sales and lettings industries, agents are constantly seeking ways to make improvements to their company and save money. 

As increased regulation requires agents to pay more attention to their processes and demands continue to climb, the very best technology must be used to support the property industry. 


Save time and focus on growing the business 

A key challenge for agents is finding the right balance between growing their portfolios and making time for administrative tasks that require a lot of resources. 

Interactions with business prospects both online and offline are an essential part of growing a business. But too often agents get side-tracked by time-consuming admin tasks and end up not giving the tasks that truly matter the time they need to help company growth.

Admin cannot be skipped over or done half-heartedly because it requires time, accuracy, and precision. Therefore, we advise that agents choose the right technology for streamlining and automating internal processes properly to ensure it drives the business forward. 

Once the right technology is chosen, agents can focus their energy on aspects of the business that will improve their bottom line.

The less time agents require for admin tasks, the more time they can spend networking, focusing on marketing strategies, and talking to prospects. PropTech solutions which speed up the work process are invaluable and well worth the investment for this reason. 

Invest in the right technology to develop 

With increased regulation imposing more rules and procedures, agents' time is more limited than ever before. However, the right technology can improve morale, productivity and expand the bottom line for many businesses. 

Businesses often settle for the most popular or cheapest tools available. But it’s important for agents to first understand how much value a PropTech product can add and how easily it can be integrated with existing systems. 

We know that sales and letting agents can improve productivity, lead generation and results by using a reliable instant valuation tool on the homepage of their website. 

These generate leads in a way that benefits the target audience but also can improve the performance of the business. The prospect learns how much they could charge in rent or how much their house could sell for while the agent is provided with details that they can use to generate leads. 

But leads on their own are not enough, they need to be handled delicately and nurtured in the correct way to bring maximum reward.  

Our tool, MovePal, nurtures leads by picking them up outside of office hours, helping to lighten the load and allowing agents to develop other areas of the business. 

PropTech helps to save cost 

Innovative technology continues to power online tools that help to reduce overheads, diminish unproductivity and lead to a healthy bottom line. 

Property technology such as valuation tools, nurture tools and chatbots can help save on cost in the long term. It means that costs that would otherwise be needed for manual, admin-heavy work are not required, or are lessened greatly.

In light of Covid-19, many agents were forced to explore and make use of remote processes that rely on technology. However, those who realise that this is not a short-term solution will get the most out of their business.

Forward-thinking agents will realise that incorporating the best technology while prioritising the core values of the business not only saves on cost, but it creates a healthy business structure.

*Craig Vile is director at The ValPal Network, which is owned by Angels Media, publishers of the Today sites


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