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By Mitch Handley

Marketing Manager, Inventory Hive


360° virtual tours vs video walk-throughs

Virtual tours are becoming an increasing necessity for agents when listing properties for sale or let.

Covid has of course accelerated this trend by way of video walk-throughs and 360° virtual tours.

It goes without saying they’re cost-effective by reducing the number of in-person viewings, along with the following key benefits:


- Increase leads received

- Increase engagement in your listing

- Reduced staff travel costs

- Staff have more time

- Reduced number of second viewing requests

- Reduced carbon footprint

The start-up and training costs of 360° virtual tours have often been a barrier for agents, with many favouring video walk-throughs via their smartphone instead.

However, this approach can often lead to lacklustre results caused by poor editing. On the flip-side, excessive time can also be spent on elaborate editing in-house or via an outsourced cost.

Whilst video walk-throughs don’t allow the viewer to browse and navigate rooms at their own pace, they do give an opportunity for the agent to showcase their local knowledge of the area during the intro.

As technology is improving – 360° start-up costs are reducing. So it may be time for agents to reconsider their approach.

The first thing you need to start creating 360° virtual tours with Inventory Hive is a compatible camera.  Cameras that produce results like this 360° tour example found here retail from between £270 to £450 including VAT.

With an exclusive 10% discount, these start from as little as £269.10 (includes VAT). The full range of compatible cameras can be found here.

Secondly, you’ll need a subscription with Inventory Hive and they start from as little as £1.80 + VAT per month for 5 stored tours with 1 publishable slot.

Creating your virtual tours (as well as your inventory reports) with Inventory Hive requires a lot less time and effort. This simple process can be performed through desktop browser, or by pairing your 360° camera directly via the Inventory Hive app (iOS and Android) and creating virtual tours on the go at the property offline (not WiFi or 4G required) without any desktop post-production.

Of course, 360° tour smartphone apps mean that users don’t require post-production editing time – unlike video walk-throughs. They also give the viewer the freedom to navigate with a much better perspective of the room size and depth.

Perhaps the utopia here is creating 360° virtual tours and then recording an accompanying video, or Zoom/Teams call with the agent walking around each room and explaining its features.

You can set up a free 30 day trial with Inventory Hive and book a personal demo here.

*Mitch Handley is the Marketing Manager at Inventory Hive 


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