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David Gibbs
David Gibbs
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David Gibbs
I recently handed my notice in to quit RM. was paying just under 3k a month. I was given all the calls like above and telling me agents would use this against me, that RM produce more leads etc, all the usual. I was told that unless I take out all their add ons, I would still be paying around 2k a month, so effectively paying this just to list properties, due to way RM uses its pricing structure. I told them that there is no way I’m paying that to just list my properties. Left it and with a week to go got another call to try and get me to stay but offered me nothing. On the day of leaving I got an email to call a number to discuss to see if they can help. I rang this number a few times but there was no answer and no voicemail to leave a message. Suddenly my rep called 5 minutes or so after ( this number is clearly a trigger to see if an agent calls and is indicating they want to stay and is then passed to the rep ). I emailed her and another chap in RM to say I had called but no answer... funny that, but unless you give me a fair deal I am off. With 30 minutes left till my contact ended I get a call from another person saying “ didn’t the rep tell you about THIS deal?” No she bloody well didn’t ( clearly hoping I would buckle and stay backfired ). They then offered me a few options and bundles. I said no I want the basic £1,175 + VAT. So agreed that. Then yesterday I got a call from RM saying that I have to pay my fee of 3k for the next two months, as I hadn’t retracted my offer to leave, blah blah blah. Well you can imagine what I told them I would do if that happened. Just a bunch of bullying shisters!

From: David Gibbs 19 March 2020 08:52 AM

David Gibbs

From: David Gibbs 30 July 2018 07:37 AM

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