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Nigel Adams
Nigel Adams
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Nigel Adams
Like in the kid's game he is getting warmer, but clearly has not worked out what this new magical model will look like. It is probably the most important financial decicion of people's lives and is very emotionally driven so no surprises that very high quality personal service needs to be at its core. People buy from people - so hiring and motivating first rate people is essential. No surprises that this often comes from small businesses run by their owners. But the TV giants forget that many sellers are still highly motivated by the words "local" and "independent". This is not something that the national brands will be able to realistically offer - however many "local property experts they hire". And he has alreadfy identified that the huge sums being spent on TV advertising and buying up Google adwords pretending to be "local" in every town in the UK isn't sustainable, especially when compared to the low cost of acquistion that comes from generating word-of-mouth by building a great local reputation - and through local presence, especially boards (which are still amazingly effective). Incidentally, reputation won't be built by constantly being pulled up by the advertising Standards Authority for telling lies in your advertising. Or by paying lip service to sales chasing because there is no motivation to solve the inevitable problems that arise because your fee has already been paid. Or by fixing the big review sites to present an unrealistic picture of the customer experience. It will be interesting to see what happens when the next big downturn comes and you can't just expect a Rightmove listing to get you a sale. My bet will be on small local independent businesses with excellent reputations for delivering above and beyond. If you are not delivering that then I think you'll get found out - and having a High Street office, or not - is simply not relevant if you haven't got this as your foundation.

From: Nigel Adams 11 October 2018 10:16 AM

Nigel Adams

From: Nigel Adams 16 July 2018 17:38 PM

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