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Latest online agent has 30 years work experience - but not in agency

A former healthcare executive is the latest convert to become an online agent with easyProperty, the company has announced.

Richard Ayres has purchased the licence for Grantham, Sleaford and Lincoln - he’s lived in the area for five years and has owned property there for over 13 years.

Ayres most recently worked in procurement for BUPA Healthcare but over the past three decades has worked in various positions in different sectors for companies including Morgan Stanley, Virgin Atlantic and British Gas.


“I want to bring my procurement experience to the forefront, help to change the way property is brought and sold, seek to cut out complexity and help buyers and sellers to save money on selling and buying property without compromising on high quality customer service” he says.

“I feel the cost of estate agent fees, mortgage deals and conveyancing can be the areas where we can keep it simple and really help our customers be them buying or selling, to get better lower cost deals without compromising on quality of service, so they end their transactions feeling positive and ready to re-engage with easyProperty the very next time they want to buy, sell or rent a property” Ayres adds.

The agency last week announced that it had added Glasgow, Edinburgh, Paisley and Hamilton in Scotland to its portfolio where agents operate, in addition to existing operations in Liverpool, Cheshire, Manchester, Portsmouth, Plymouth, North West London, Surrey, Lincoln, West Yorkshire, North and South Wales.

David Brierley, easyProperty chief executive officer, says: “The pandemic has seen a huge shift in consumer behaviour and our online presence is the new and only way forward.”

easyProperty has three packages which it describes as providing “a full-service experience that will benefit customers” including an upfront charge of £795, a split fee of £395 then £895 on completion, and a no sale/no fee option of one per cent including VAT. 

  • icon

    A fool and his money .....

  • Nigel Adams

    "30 years experience".......so what you really mean is that he is old. A non story.

  • Mike Lewis

    Another ex-BUPA employee going into property with no experience what so ever. What could possibly go wrong?

    Algarve  Investor

    easyProperty are a total irrelevance - it's basically a PR company which pipes up every so often and then hibernates again for a few months. There have been a spate of easyProp stories of late, expect that to die down again soon. I'm utterly amazed it's still going. It has something like 180 properties on its books and only 5 in London.

    Does anyone know of anyone who has used easyProperty to buy, sell, let or rent a home? There must be value in it for Brierley as a side company, because I can't see how they are making any money at all.

  • Paul Singleton

    I’m sure he’s qualified enough to work for them!

  • icon

    "better lower cost deals without compromising on quality of service" When you have provided excellent service and gone the extra mile and then only get enough money to put cheese on your beans on toast again, you'll think twice about low fees.

  • Andrew Hall

    Just goes to show how crap the system is. Basically if you have two feet and a heartbeat you can pass yourself off as an expert. The biggest losers are the vendors as they only want to pay peanuts so get monkeys. FFS the rampant commoditisation of real estate is so toxic for all.

  • Andrew Hall

    One provider is offering FREE listing, so the chimps working for them HAVE to upgrade vendors or starve so who is the agent going to be thinking about when they need to eat. Another is offering listings ‘from £1’. Muppetville.


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