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Housing market explodes into action on first morning after lockdown

There’s been a huge surge of public interest in the housing market again, just hours after the industry lockdown came to an end.

Data from Rightmove shows that visits to the portal were up 45 per cent in the key 0700-0800 hour this morning compared to the same period 24 hours earlier.

There were also 2,115 new properties added to the portal in the first six hours of agencies returning to business. 


Email enquiries sent to agents by the portal rose 70 per cent.

The market was beginning to lift off even before restrictions were lifted, with yesterday - Tuesday - being the busiest day of the seven weeks of lockdown in terms of visits to Rightmove. 


The portal’s commercial director Miles Shipside says: “These are clear signs that the news from the government has prompted more home-hunters to start looking for their next home, and we anticipate further uplift in activity once agents have time to adjust to the new social distancing guidance specific to the home moving sector. Home movers who have been eagerly waiting to take their home moving plans to the next stage should show some patience with agents given the unexpected announcement, to ensure there’s time to adapt to the new guidelines and ensure everyone is kept safe.”

  • Simon Shinerock

    I was thinking of saying ‘Rightmove? Who are they, didn’t they used to be a Portal’? But that would be mean, not to say immature

    Stephen Milton

    Oh yes..RightMove. The company that extracts massive value from estate agents by borrowing their stock and selling it back to them.
    Take back control of your data!!!!

  • icon

    Utter drivel, everyone in the industry knows the only reason people at home are and have been trolling the internet, particularly when the sector is front and centre of the news is sheer boredom. I know of no colleagues whatsoever that want to or feel it is safe to do go back to work, the only people who think differently (with no published scientific evidence that says it is safe to give us any confidence at a time when confidence in this government is low by anyone’s standard) are people who have a large monetary reason ie the government, CEO’s in the new build sector who have been constantly harassing this weak government into making this quite obviously late about face, some agency CEO’s who are short sighted or under to much pressure due to circumstance quite probably of their own doing to progress matters too early. I have been in the industry over twenty years and not one single person who works on the front line has any confidence that visiting an unknown number of property’s with unknown people with unknown medical history with unknown history of adhering to the social distancing rules is anything but ridiculous. The people who have pushed for this won’t be taking any risks whatsoever. Disgraceful behaviour all round, they should make sure their liability insurance is up to date and that the premiums are protected.


    So Middle have you been to a supermarket recently? Mingling with hundreds of unknown people, with unknown medical history touching all those things you want to buy with their contaminated paws? We have a duty to get back to work as soon as possible. I have worked straight through and have had no problems carrying out inpsections on my own, with keys dealt with at a distance... I cannot see what the problem is as long as you aren't licking door handles you should be fine.

  • icon

    Actually my emails where busier on monday than today. Echoing Middle Management, I don't know of anyone happy to return, but at least the guidance says that visits to the office should be by appointment only. I've been emailing & calling clientd and asking if they are ok to take viewings and the overwhelming majority are saying no.
    We've been working from home motly and will continue to do so with only opening a couple of hours a day and then only because we are responding to what others in the town are doing.

  • Gavin Scott-Brooker

    We are Surveyors.... we are deeply concerned about the release of the market.... it’s just too soon, and there is insufficient data to prove it is safe to operate. A number of our colleagues share the same view. We have elected to stay closed until June at the very earliest.

    We agree wholeheartedly with middlemanagements comments above.


    Do you have a problem with visiting vacant building plots or properties that have lain empty for the last 6 weeks? Just wondering what your justification is if so.

  • icon

    Propaganda ahoy, mottos from government, and good news stories for the public, let’s see what comes but probably a little boom initially pipelines will payout out on stalled and then we’ll be lockdown again by august with 100’s of cases against agents for cutting corners, and then we’ll see how prices will be effected.

  • icon

    Ascot high street agents all closed, the only “new properties” going on the market are regurgitated ones that were temporarily removed early lockdown time.

  • Nigel Adams

    We've been really busy and I'm very happy with the measured way that the government are acting. We need to start getting the country and economy going again while using common sense to keep safe. I feel they have got the balance just right.

    Damon Fisher MNAEA

    Absolutely correct sir.

  • icon

    Dear Richard, not sure what type of supermarkets you go to but on the occasions I have had to such establishments to obtain food stuff to enable me and my family to actually live I did not mingle with any single one of them, I am obviously not as sociable as you sir. If you have been working through this you are a baboon of the highest order and give the responsible agents a bad name. The only duty is stay safe and not take the risks that you are obviously prepared to take I just hope you do not have staff working for you.

  • icon

    Well Middle the mere fact that you have gone to a supermarket means that you are mingling with hundreds of people all who have left their own trace whether you see it or not, unless of course, Harrods have shut their food hall especially for you. As for working this Baboon has carried on in complete observance of government guidelines and social distancing, there is far less risk for me and my staff (Who are grateful for the work they get) visiting empty properties than when you go shopping at your local supermarket.

  • icon

    Sincerest of apologies I meant to say buffoon.

  • icon

    No problem Buffoon, Baboon, who cares how you spell, when dealing with an ignoramus.

  • icon

    What happens if a property that is for sale is occupied by tenants? Is view permitted? Can they refuse to allow viewings completely?

  • icon

    Removals companies and estate agent share the feeling if not safe to see own family, then it’s not safe to go and see someone else’s.

    Councils still not open
    So why should removals firms and estate agents be the guinea pigs.

  • icon

    I think opening the housing market is complete insanity, I will judge when it's truly safe by when the house of commons returns to normal if the house isn't safe to reopen properly they have a nerve asking anyone else to.

  • Stephen Milton

    'Safe' is a relative term as life can never be 100% safe.
    The current assessment is that for the average working-age person, the risk of dying from Covid 19 is about 8.4 deaths per 100,000 people; and within that average, women are at a lower risk as are people without pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, and those away from the front line interfacing with the mass of the public.
    By comparison, death from motor accidents is 5 deaths per 100,000 each year. A risk level that we have accepted for decades!


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