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Robert May

From: Robert May 06 May 2022 15:11 PM

Robert May

From: Robert May 24 March 2020 06:16 AM

Robert May
Windows 98 technology that constantly drives applicant enquiries back to a list of aggregated listings from competitor agents is great as an entrainment channel where consumers can browse away the hours when there's nothing on the telly or while away a commute but when you look at the traffic stats portals are a nonsense that do not make competitive sense. Traditional, pre technology estate agency could be reliably measured. 50 applicants would yield 10 viewings with the best two buyers determining the best price/deal for the vendor. For each category of property sold by an agency there was a running 50 applicants that would deliver; a sale, at least 3 valuations, and at least 1 instruction. the instruction replacing the one just sold. Portal technology was a point in time era that allowed consumers to get their digital details from one place, it was easy to remember a single URL of a portal rather than on average 6 website addresses for the agents that typically cover an applicants search area. It is not ideal that agents share their applicants and enquiries with their competitors; their successes at winning instructions is diluted by the applicants those instruction attract being shared with their competitors. Two comments in the past 3 weeks have confirmed to me things are about to change; "Robert, I get this, I do, I get it" " I don't really want to be sharing my buyers with other agents do I?" It is now possible to give consumers the aggregated listings they demand but at the same time satisfy an agent's need to keep an ever declining register of applicant/ buyers and potential vendors as close to their agency as possible.

From: Robert May 09 January 2020 12:41 PM

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