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Marcus Rashford criticises tweet from estate agency chairman MP

Hunters chairman Kevin Hollinrake - who is also a backbench Conservative MP - has been criticised on Twitter by Manchester United and England footballer Marcus Rashford.

Hollinrake, who is MP for Thirsk and Malton, went on to the social media platform yesterday to boast about the success of the government's Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

A response to his tweet asked why it took a footballer to stand up for hungry children, prompting Hollinrake to tweet again saying: "Where they can, it's a parent's job to feed their children.”


Rashford's reply - which has so far attracted well over 150,000 ‘likes’ from Twitter users - said: "I would urge you to talk to families before tweeting. To this day I haven't met one parent who hasn't wanted or felt the responsibility to feed their children.”

The footballer continued: “Put to the side that this comment came from an MP. It’s comments like this that prevent people from speaking their truth and asking for help. We need to start uplifting each other. I would have had the same response to anyone tweeting this…”

Rashford’s recent campaigning was focussed on getting the government to extend free school meals to children from low-income families over the summer holidays. Many believe the  campaign led to a government U-turn on the policy.

Back in March, as the Coronavirus pandemic was gaining momentum, another of Hollinrake’s tweets provoked controversy.

Referring to the government’s Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan, he tweeted:“No personal guarantees, no fees, 0 per cent interest for 12m, up to £5m. Our business will certainly use this.” 

However, local media in the MP’s constituency reported that an independent local councillor claimed to be appalled that Hunters was benefitting from the scheme when so many in the area were allegedly not receiving the help they needed.

Estate Agent Today yesterday afternoon asked Hollinrake for any further response to Rashford's comments.

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    I fully support Kevin Hollinralke MP. Of course the local popular footballer will get support from millennials on twitter. Now ask the real people who work for a living!

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    Let him pay more tax then I imagine his tax advisors are helping him to avoid as much tax as possible. I do not expect anyone else to look after me and my family.
    Agreed he will get support from snowflakes who are brainwashed by social media.

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    • 07 September 2020 12:39 PM

    Parents cause child poverty.
    Perhaps controlling fertility might reduce such poverty.
    Plus of course having both parents contributing income for the child.

    All this rather than expecting the State to pay


    has your property turned up yet Paul? When I couldn't find it you were going off to check


    Agree totally I do not expect anyone to look after my family and I do not expect to work to pay for any other family

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    I have met and like Kevin on a personal level but his views on child poverty and hunger are to say the least unfortunate. The comments so far on this post are equally unfortunate. He and they do not reflect well on our profession which is a shame.


    No they are not unfortunate everyone is entitled to an opinion, It is amazing how so called liberals think no one should be allowed to express any opinion unless it is the one they agree with

  • Simon Shinerock

    I don’t know him but he does not appear to be the straight shooting advocate our industry needs

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    • 07 September 2020 19:52 PM


    Yep discovered it has been pulled.
    Apparently additional admin protocols were required by RM.
    Should be back on in a few days.
    What I have noticed is there are an awful lot of properties for sale in B Stortford area
    So much for the alleged buyer demand!!?


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