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Lifesycle roars to record sales months as agents want solutions for tougher market

In this piece, the team at Iceberg Digital sets out why Lifesycle has managed to roar to record sales in recent times. 

For the past two years, agents have not only been able to list and sell properties simply by being open, but have also not had a single moment to even consider why or how they might need to change their processes for the future.

However, with darker times now looming, it is no surprise that the much-touted Lifesycle Software by Iceberg Digital seems to now be starting to gain some serious traction in the market.


In fact, in a recent Facebook poll created by an agent for opinions of other agents on their use of software, Lifesycle won the votes for the best estate agency software by some considerable distance. So, why are agents now suddenly so interested in Lifesycle?

Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital, says:

“For years, agents have been told that the priority in terms of their software is to have everything in one system, and by everything they are told that means Sales, Lettings and Property Management.

“With Lifesycle we have taken a different approach as we believe that the core of estate and letting agency is to get new listings. We also don’t believe that there is one system currently available that does all the aspects required for a property management department to run efficiently. Instead, we focus on a software that works on generating more listings for your business while your team do their everyday tasks, along with automations to not only save them time but to help point them in the right direction."

He added: “From speaking to 100’s of agents, we found that property management is such a specialist department within the company that once a lettings deal is tied up, they should use their own software as they do not need access to the front end of marketing and lettings and vice versa. But that what is more key to a company’s success is to join the dots between marketing and sales to ensure more listings are constantly coming to the business and once listed more sales and let’s take place, without having to increase the head count to do so.

“As it turns out, that is really what it means to have everything in one system, otherwise you end up with a scattered approach to marketing, using various different systems and losing opportunities faster than water from a leaking bucket.”

Burgess went on: “With more and more agents moving over to the Lifesycle way of working, agents are seeing the impact on their business in their towns because it focuses on winning the business, as opposed to focusing on something that is way down the line sitting in property management. It is not that we do not believe property management is important, quite the opposite, in fact we believe it is so important that it should have its own software and own department, just like accounts.

With Lifesycle 3 due to be released in late October, it will be exciting to see what improvements Iceberg Digital bring to the table, for a software that already seems to be shaping the future for so many agents in the UK.

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    I think this is a very important approach to property software (CRM) - listings are the livelihood of our business


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