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Agents urged to ‘get heads out of the sand’ on transaction times

Industry veteran Bryan Mansell has questioned why the property sector has allowed transaction times to slow to record levels.

It comes as the mainstream media has been picking up on Rightmove data, reported on by Estate Agent Today last month, that it is now taking 150 days for sales to move from sold subject to contract to completion due to a conveyancing backlog.

Mansell, founder of Gazeal, which provides upfront information packs and reservation agreements to help secure and speed up sales, said agents shouldn’t be ignoring tools on offer from his and other proptech firms.


Speaking in an exclusive video interview with Estate Agent Today, he said: “How has the industry allowed itself to get to a position like this where you have to give advice that if you want to be in a new home by Christmas you have to list now?

“Agents have a responsibility to educate the seller, and the buyer to some extent, of what is to come.

“If you want to provide good customer service, you have to educate people and take action to prevent delay by starting things earlier.

“If you don’t do it then you have to pick up the pieces in sales progression.

“Clients only moan at the agent, not the lawyer.

“We have allowed ourselves as an industry to let the process take this long because we are for some reason just sticking our head in the sand and not acting.

“We are moaning about it but not taking action.

“There are tools to speed things up but it’s always the minority.

“The majority only come on board when they are losing instructions.”

Watch the full video interview below: 

  • Peter Ambrose

    Not sure I'd agree 100% that clients don't complain to their lawyer ....

    Frustration levels are higher than ever before and I can assure readers that clients understandably will vent their frustration to anyone that will answer the phone to them!

  • icon

    Articles like this do nothing to fix the real problems.

    It is a complex picture but some issues require central government/local government funding.

    For example, the Land Registry is a body in disarray, with some applications remaining incomplete over a year after lodgement. This plays havoc with new sales.

    Some councils are still taking nearly three months to process a local search.

    So, fix some of the fundamentals and things will improve.


    Everyone expects help from the govt
    The govt has NO MONEY it had to spend billions during COVID
    All that needs to happen is public sector workers need to get back to the office and not chill out at home and work harder

  • Glenn Taylor

    The fault lies within the legal sector period. Sell your packs to them. The general relationship between the legal profession and the agency sector is terrible with the the former looking down its nose at us.
    Apparently years and years of hands on experience and finding solutions on legal matters is incomparable to the degree they did at university when they were 19.
    Oooh synical

  • icon

    “Clients only moan at the agent, not the lawyer. - Utter Rubbish


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