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New software allows agent to work on any device anywhere in the world

In this article, the team at Iceberg Digital highlight how one agent has benefitted from using software that has enabled him to work on any device, from anywhere in the world.

For the last 25 years, agents have been mostly limited to working from desktop computers to access their CRMs and do their day-to-day work. Recently, some have made add-on mobile apps that allow limited access to set features, but Darren Bartlett of Bartlett & Partners, which markets and sells luxury properties in the Richmond borough and surrounding areas, is now one of many working in a new way, accessing not just a diary and a few other features but their entire CRM from any device, allowing him a whole new way of working.

Darren had this to say, having used various other software providers following his move earlier in the year to Lifesycle by Iceberg Digital: “Having spent decades tied to a high street office, I decided to take our company away from the traditional branch-based system and operate remotely. Whilst I recognised the challenges involved, I knew that the world has changed and that the value of a physical presence in our town was decreasing daily. Let's face it, when was the last time someone visited your office who brought something to the business?"


"I knew that we would have to invest in the right technology to make this change viable and allow us to be as productive as before, if not more. The largest decision clearly had to be the CRM. The software not only holds our data but allows us to operate our day-to-day business. Having explored some of the larger CRM providers over the years, it became clear their offerings all had limitations and that their apps had reduced functionality."

He added: "This is where the true power of Lifesycle came in. It has made our business fully operational, not just from a laptop away from the office, but genuinely from our mobiles, wherever we are. Everything is fully functional on your phone - from registering applicants to booking viewings, presenting on a valuation, and even putting all the content together and launching a property. No extra steps, no fiddling with settings - it just works seamlessly. Everything is exactly as you would use it from a desktop. I am yet to learn of a competitor with this degree of functionality to compete."

"The genuinely 'remote' nature of the software is only one of the key selling points for our company, but it has been the biggest in terms of making our lives simple and more efficient, and let's face it - who doesn't want that?”

Developed by Iceberg Digital, Lifesycle is the world's first estate agency software that combines traditional estate agency CRM and marketing software in one platform - for agents wanting to succeed in this digital world.


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