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Rightmove unveils new 'one day could be today' marketing campaign

Rightmove is set to launch a new marketing campaign next week that encourages people to consider the different life they could have if they made the move they’ve always dreamt about.

The “one day could be today” campaign invites people to take action on their dream move and points people to a dedicated webpage that provides tips for selling a home and links to contact an estate agent.

The campaign will launch with a new advert on Channel 4 on Tuesday 19th April, which will appear in key programming throughout the month.


In the ad, viewers see a scarecrow who longs for a different life – one in the friendly town nearby. 

She dreams she is a real person, free to walk through the town and be a part of a community.

At the end of the ad, two kids pass her by on bikes stealing her hat as they go but one accidentally drops a phone. 

A crow then pecks the screen, launching the Rightmove app. 

The scarecrow transforms into the woman in her dream and runs towards the town, realising that she can make one day, today.

Sarah Brown, Rightmove’s head of brand, says: “Our ‘one day could be today’ message is powerful because it’s universal.

“We all have a dream of a one day move. It’s a reminder of how we hold off on these moves, we let life pass us by, and a call to think about what if, instead of waiting, you made that move now.

“This ad is about celebrating and understanding the importance of taking action and making ‘one day’ you’ve dreamed about for so long, today.

“Estate agents continue to be faced with record low levels of available stock this year so we wanted to help them by encouraging people across Great Britain to think about what their ‘one day’ might look like, and to get started now.”

See the new campaign advert below:

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    Rightmove wrote to me last week to say they were stealing 15% more of my money than last year. Today they have stolen 57 seconds of my time watching that ad.

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    My dream: One day we’ll have some property portals that really do challenge the RM behemoth.....with all the attendant benefits that would subsequently flow. But alas, it is just a dream !

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    Kevin you've got off lightly, I've just had my new fee notification......up ANOTHER 25%....thats on top off a 25% increase last year, so 50% in 2 yrs. Do you think I could increase my fees by 50% in 2 yrs and expect to stay in business? I dont think so. This is the proverbial straw that at last has broken the camels back.....I'M OUT !! My termination notice is on its way.

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    Who are they?


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