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Who is the latest Housing Minister?

The Government’s latest Housing Minister Lucy Frazer brings plenty of property experience as a landlord and has also indirectly received donations from developers, her parliamentary record shows.

Frazer’s register of member’s interests shows she has a house in London valued at more than £100,000 giving rental income of more than £10,000 per year.

The record also shows she has received support through a local party organisation or indirectly by the central party from local developers.


The register shows a £2,000 donation from commercial developer Grovemere Property and the same figure from N & A Wright Property in July 2022.

There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing or undue influence.

A spokesperson for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, told Estate Agent Today: “All donations made by the Housing Minister have been declared publicly and the proper process followed.

“The Department has robust processes in place to ensure any potential conflicts of interest are managed appropriately. Ministers continue to be bound at all times by their obligations under the Ministerial Code.”

MP for South East Cambridgeshire Frazer was confirmed as the latest Housing Minister as part of a department reshuffle yesterday.

She replaces Lee Rowley who was in the role for just 48 days.

Frazer becomes the ninth Housing Minister in the past five years.

A practicing barrister, Frazer was appointed a Queen’s Counsel in 2013 and entered Parliament in 2015.

She has previously been a Justice Minister, Solicitor General and Transport Minister.

Frazer has already been busy responding to Parliamentary questions.

Responding to a Parliamentary question on housebuilding targets on Monday, she said: “This Government is committed to making home ownership a reality for a new generation, and we must build homes in the places that people want to live and work. 

“We want decisions about homes to be driven locally and we want to get more local plans in place to deliver the homes we need.

“We will set out our approach on planning for housing in due course.”

  • Rob Hailstone

    "A house in London valued at more than £100,000." Are there any below that figure?

  • dominic cocklin

    another minister who does not have a clue. another minister with no experience. another minister who none of us have heard of. another minister who does not engage with the industry. we don't necessarily need more homes built to sort the homes shortage out. we need the landlords back that had two and three properties in their portfolio. with the increase SDLT for second homes no wonder no homeowners trade up and retain and rent out. that's how the homes shortage can be sorted out quickly and efficiently. that's what we had in the early 2000's and we did not have the problems we face today. a very poorly written article in general.

  • peter greenwood

    Seriously! Reporting that she has a property in London valued at more than £100,000!! giving rental income of more than £10,000!! per year. It must be a very old report you are using to get these figures, couldn't even buy a studio flat for£100k inside the M25 never mind central London... and if her annual earnings are only £10k pa then please ask her to give me a call and i would love to rent it for her and bring in a much better revenue for her.
    However, I am more concerned over the gifts from developers, Hopefully she donated the money that to a good charity or cause.

    On the positive side its good to have a Housing Minister that actually knows something about the PRS, lets hope she stays a few years to actually achieve something in the housing sector for the good of Landlords, Tenants and home owners because zero has been done in the last 10 years!

  • Kristjan Byfield

    Given the history of the vast majority of HM's to date, Lucy is a Landlord and a former practising barrister. She therefore, likely, has a good understanding of the existing regulatory landscape for Landlords and will also understand the burdens already heaped on the UK Courts system. Id like to think this should lead to some informed involvement in the ongoing Renter's Reform and associated White paper.
    If a £2k donation from any source is enough to 'buy' any minister then we are in more trouble than we ever thought!
    As for her London property value/income- I believe MP's are only required to disclose that is exceeds those thresholds.
    Time will tell if this IS indeed the case- and also how long she remains in situ.

  • Kristjan Byfield

    Some good news for agents out there is that following heavy engagement with DLUHC by the likes of TLIC, LARG and the Zoopla LAB- DLUHC is, for the first time to my knowledge, consulting a small cohort of agents around the development of their proposed portal. Importantly, they have not just engaged with the large corporate entities, but have actually balanced their initial cohort 50/50 between corporates and smaller independent agencies.
    How much will they listen to our feedback remains to be seen- but this is a huge step in the right direction.


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