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Nearly 200 agents join portal panel to test product innovations

Zoopla has revealed that some 200 agents have joined its new Product Research Panel, testing new innovations introduced by the portal.

First announced in January, the panel’s aim is to “refine the product pipeline and ensure Zoopla’s expertise is laser-focused on easing the most pressing pain points and maximising nascent opportunities.”

It adds: “Innovation will continue at pace throughout 2021, setting a new benchmark for portal excellence, with the next round of launches coming in the second quarter.”


Now Zoopla has given some details of what that means in practice. 

It says nearly 200 agents have joined the panel “and valuable feedback from the group has led to enhancements to Zoopla’s Valuation Booster” while a subset of the panel was also involved in testing the portal’s new In-Search ads prior to their debut a few weeks ago.

It says other agents interested in joining the panel "to ensure their voices are heard and the right tools are being built to support them” can sign up here.



The portal says the concept of agent involvement has had substantial support. It quotes Kiersty Sims - group marketing director at the Leaders Romans Group - as saying: “We really champion Zoopla’s approach of directly involving agents to find out what really works for them on the ground, and applying those insights to make constant improvements to its app … and other innovations.”

In-Search ads allow agents and house builders to showcase their brand to engaged users as they search on the most visited page of Zoopla’s website. 

The portal claims the average click-through rate of the product has also seen a rapid uplift, having doubled in under two months to more than eight times that of similar products.

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     “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

    Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company.

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    Why would any agent give up their time to be part of this panel? Surely it can't be down to ego?

    Kristjan Byfield

    To ensure products operate the way agents want and need them to I imagine.


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