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App claims to instantly arrange viewings on leads for agents

Property portal app MoveStreets says the latest upgrade to its app sends leads to agents’ inboxes and allows users to instantly arrange viewings.

MoveStreets, which likens itself to Tinder, claims users can easily browse the site's database of available homes, powered by multiple estate agencies. 

It says it’s signed over 100 agents including onliners Doorsteps and Open House, and High Street companies Dacre Son & Hartley, Nest Seekers International, Beals, The Kings Group, Linley and Simpson, and Chancellors.


Much like dating apps, potential property matches are served up based on the user's location. Swiping left rejects unliked properties, while swiping right contacts the listing agent to arrange a viewing.

By hitting on the new ‘Hot Property’ icon users send their details through to agents.

Chief executive Adam Kamani says: “We know that searching for property can be a long and often time consuming process and that many of us have less and less time to look. 

“That’s why we created the ‘Hot Property’ feature - to improve the property searching experience for users, streamline leads for agents and ultimately speed up the process of arranging a viewing for all.”

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    Wouldn’t it be better to actually speak to and qualify a buyer before immediately booking them in for a viewing?
    Do they have the money? Do they have something to sell? Can they introduce you to their landlord? Is the property right for them?
    Qualifying a buyer on the doorstep doesn’t work for them, you or the vendor!
    This obsession with automation creates more problems than it solves.


    Hi James,
    Just to confirm the new feature speeds up the process for the end user wanting to make an enquiry / viewing request to the agent or multiple agents. We are also finding customers using this feature are more motivated buyers / tenants and not people just casually looking.
    The lead will be sent to agents faster however if this is a new customer to the agent then of course you would still register and collate the additional information you would ask on a new applicant registration.
    More than happy to speak in more detail if you wished


    I would not Want any of my staff to be in a viewing with someone they had never even spoken to
    Sometimes you can tell in a conversation who is serious and who is not
    Also sometimes I have had a fem,ale member f staff ring and say she does not feel comfortable about being alone with someone who has rung - bad vibe so we get a guy to attend
    If someone wants to view all they have to do is ruing use our site or use one the many web portals out there
    There is no way at all if a person is timewaster or nit unless you have spoken to them.
    I would not use this

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    Such a great idea. Love this.

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    Hi Jan Byers,

    being an agent myself for 10 years I couldn't agree with you more, However as per my comment above in reply to James, if this is a new customer then you would still need to register them as you would any other applicant. This is more just to speed the process up for them but also the majority of the people who use this feature are the more motivated buyers and renters meaning you can filter the leads better saving you time


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