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Lifesycle reinvents matching, registrations and viewing feedback

Fundamental changes to the way in which agents can work were shown at the online launch of Lifesycle 2 by Iceberg Digital last Wednesday (February 24).

Much mystic has surrounded Lifesycle 2, will it be a CRM or won’t it? Which tools will it incorporate? What new features will it have?

At the launch, CEO of Iceberg Digital, Mark Burgess ran through some of the main features which, if successful, will have a long lasting impact on the way agents and the whole industry works.


However, questions still remain, not only if Iceberg Digital is capable of delivering but equally if agents are capable or willing to change their ways of working.

As Burgess spoke about in his presentation, agents are so ingrained in the systems that they have been using for the past 20 years, it is perhaps more a question of; if they can make the leap, rather than if the technology can deliver a smarter way of working.

For many, the change may be too daunting to even consider but for others, the opportunity to reinvent the way they work is clearly very exciting.

These were some of the comments following the event:

- “The system will let us take back control of our data and not be at the mercy of the portals.”
Paul Tobias-Gibbins, M&P Estates

- “The future off estate agency, I need to consider what I need a CRM for?”
Richard Poole, Michael Poole Estate Agents

- “Excited. Lots of questions. Mind blowing. Out of comfort zone. Wow.”
Mark Ellison, Sparks Ellison

- “Right on the money and so much more than antiquated CRMs.”
Andy Blacklock, Maitlands

- “Forward thinking by far, something only we need. Please can we keep it a secret? It's mind-blowingly innovative...”
June Reeves, John German Estate Agents

- “Very excited to use Lifesycle 2 and bring this new innovative technology to our staff to witness the power of it.”
Harvey Palak, Reeds Rains

- “Very forward thinking and placing agents in front of portals.”
Alan Batt, Alan Batt Estate Agents

“Quite blown away by what it can do, very impressive”
Debbie Franklin, Bradley and Co

- “Absolutely phenomenal technology and really innovative - love it.”
Angela Marden, Angela Marden Estate Agents

- “Love the system and ideas to join the dots up.”
Phillip Bishop, Perry Bishop Estate Agents

Lifesycle aims to allow agents to work as smart as some of the biggest brands on the planet, with CRM no longer sitting at the heart of their businesses but instead just forming part of a much bigger ecosystem all being taken care of by Lifesycle. This ensures that everything from social media marketing, to listings, leads, applicants, properties, matching and pretty much everything else is all being linked together to work seamlessly out of the box, while your team concentrate on speaking to the right people at the right time from the insights provided.

It is perfect for agents that don’t want to have to figure out which application they should and should not be using as you can just switch it on and have many features working immediately all under one roof, from inside one system.

With the large majority of agents still in the world of window cards and printed brochures, it is yet to be seen just how many are ready to move out of their comfort zone and into a whole new way of working, but at least the technology is now there for agents to explore.

In an industry where no one likes their competitors to have the advantage, perhaps change may truly be around the corner.


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