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Boomin - new portal snaps up Rightmove and Zoopla staff ahead of launch

The portal  set up by Purplebricks founders Michael and Kenny Bruce has revealed it's recruited Rightmove and Zoopla personnel and intends to double its workforce imminently.

Boomin - the brain child of Michael and Kenny Bruce and David Shepherd, founders of Purplebricks - has so far recruited what it calls “a world class team of well over 100.”

Now it has revealed details of some key figures. 


Lesley Dunn, formerly a member of the senior team at Rightmove and thereafter the corporate and national sales director at Zoopla, has been appointed sales director. 

Phil Lloyd, who was previously the global head of advertising for Paddy Power and more recently chief marketing officer of Carwow, is the Boomin chief marketing officer. 

It’s already known that the brand director will be James Kydd who spearheaded the launch and brand growth of Virgin and Purplebricks. 

Andrew Stewart, chief operating officer, has joined Boomin from Cazoo and Zoopla and “will be responsible for some key customer experiences and driving revenue for agents.”

The company says conversations with agents and partners are at an advanced stage, with feedback on the proposition "overwhelmingly positive."

Boomin executive chairman Michael Bruce says: “We are privileged to have attracted a large number of leading experts spanning technology, marketing and partnerships to achieve our ambitious goals. We will be doubling our workforce over the coming weeks and months as we prepare to launch the UK’s first portal for the home.”

It’s now known that most of the staff will work in a virtual office with, as yet, no plans for a physical headquarters.

Chief executive Gary Barker, ex-Reapit, has also given some sketchy details of what Boomin will be like, saying it will be the first ‘property portal for the home.’


“Boomin is not just a listing site and will have a wealth of unique features that give everyone deeper insights into the market, get more people engaged and interested in property, whether they are active or passive and put agents and their brand front and centre like never before” says Barker. 

“Visitors to the site will get a richer, more interactive experience. Boomin will be a place where people can get things done, a place that makes the process more straightforward for everyone. We have created the most customer and agent centric platform ever.”

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    Dreadful name.

  • icon

    I wonder how long it will take for Boomin to decide that as well as being a portal they could also offer the full agency experience to private sellers and hey presto, Purplebricks version 2.0?

    As much as dislike the RM pricing structure, to paraphrase from Blackadder the 3rd "I'd no more place my property listings in the hands of the Bruce Brothers than I'd place my john thomas in the hands of a lunatic with a pair of scissors."

  • Mark Walmsley

    Rightmove budget? Homesearch Intel? Onedome and Propertyheads local connectivity, All very samey to me at this stage.

    • 09 September 2020 22:26 PM

    Think they are just ripping them all off copying

  • John Wathen

    Lambs to the slaughter! And not a proper Estate Agent amongst them . Get involved at your peril folks, the pair of them are toxic!

  • icon

    would be foolish for any agent to get involved with this Portal! or these two guys, they will shaft you already showing some of their true colours.

    • 09 September 2020 22:24 PM

    Agree, just read something on another news outlet and some journalist has created a site called boominsucks it makes for very worrying reading. Definitely leaving boomin well alone. It doesn't paint a very good picture of them and sounds like they destroyed the lives for some of the people who worked for them, leaving people unable to survive and having to take out loans just to make ends meet. Also caused some people serious mental health issues. If all that I read is true then it is disgraceful that they set up that mentoring thing for mental health and whats worse is some of the people I thought were decent actually got involved with it.

  • Steve James

    What a bunch of tosh, I worked for these two con men. Not looking for outside investment??? Bollox! They will take anyone's money at anytime. And for them using the latest technology?? Tosh too! They didn't build their app properly at pb because they didn't want to spend money on it. This will be another Ponzi scheme by these two reprobates.


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