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275,000 sign up for portal programme about moving house

Some 275,000 subscribers have signed up for the latest Zoopla email education programme under the Zooploma banner.

This one is aimed at helping existing home owners sell and move; it follows two previous Zooplomas, one about renting and one for first time buyers. 

Over six weeks subscribers receive a sequence of 16 emails, providing what the portal describes as “free property guides, expert advice, and inspirational stories” including budgeting tips, house price estimates and future-proofing properties.

The guides also include sponsored content.

The portal’s CRM head, Adam Knight, says: “Demand for property shows no sign of abating and, with more buyers and sellers coming to the market, appetite to learn more about the complexities of the home moving process has never been more pronounced.

“It’s often difficult to anticipate hurdles when it comes to a property purchase or sale, and no transaction is the same, but the Zooploma is there to answer and resolve questions that many hadn’t even considered.”


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