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Boomin signs online agency amongst 10 new founding members

Fledgling portal Boomin - launching later this month - has announced another 10 independent regional agencies as founder members.

This includes its first online/hybrid agency, easyProperty.

The other newcomers are Millerson, Clyde Property, Curchods, Burns Webber Bourne, Location Location, Boydens, Roderick Thomas, Mark David and Open House.


Around 30 other agencies have been named as founding members so far.

Agents who sign-up now qualify for a free equity share allocation and use of the platform itself until January 2022 at no cost and obligation. 

Earlier this week Estate Agent Today revealed some of the portal’s hitherto secret contents.

These include a ‘sneak peek’ element which means visitors will not only see properties listed for sale, but also those instructed but not yet marketed, those in a chain, and in some cases those currently being valued; there would also be a ‘matchmaker’ option allowing would-be buyers to name the street they wish to move to, allowing agents covering that area to proactively offer potential properties.

In addition, a ’24-7’ service will allow buyers and sellers to book, respectively, viewings and valuations; and a ‘Property Playground’ allows more casual visitors to Boomin to buy services, utilities, or lifestyle and design supplies - with potential referral fees for agents.

Regarding the latest 10 founding members, Boomin executive chairman Michael Bruce says: “All agents have a choice to make as we build to launch before the end of 2020. They can choose to stick for the long term with the status quo or they can be at the forefront of their industry and embrace innovation and positive change by signing up to the Boomin portal, with no obligation and free to use throughout 2021. 

“New tools including Sneak Peak, Matchmaker and 24/7 will bring more people into the market and drive much needed transaction volumes in what may well prove to be a difficult year for the industry. 

“Additional never been seen before features like Property PlayGround will help Boomin make good on their aim of giving agents the opportunity to earn more ancillary income through the portal than they pay over in fees.

“With the support of agents, Boomin can be the game changer that is long overdue and much needed to drive healthy competition, a superior agent and customer experience, as well as fair fees for all.”

Meanwhile easyProperty chief executive David Brierley says: “The opportunity to use a platform that encourages lifetime relationships with our customers is long overdue and one that we welcome as the next step to satisfying the significant shift in consumer behaviour which will only accelerate over the months and years ahead.”

Here's the Estate Agent Today story following a demo of the new portal.

  • icon

    Announce easyproperty, gauge reaction, then, if it goes under the radar, bring purplebricks on board. More strategic mistakes from the Brothers Grimm.

  • Roger  Mellie

    What kind of name is Boomin? It sounds like Moomin.

    • 06 November 2020 08:46 AM

    Or Cretin.

  • icon

    And the motto is 'Give us your data and when you start going T*** up we will own you'! go on sell your sole and suffer the consequences. No Blooming thank you.

  • Mark Townend

    All you hear in these comments are constant bleats about Rightmove and how terrible they are; we then have an alternative that offers tangible differences from all the other portals and yet the bleating continues. What exactly do you want?

    Algarve  Investor

    I guess many people are rightly sceptical about a vehicle being led by the Bruce brothers, who have spent the last five or six years demonising the agency profession. Plus, it all went a bit wrong for them there.

    Also, the rather blatant piggybacking of Boomin off the charity initiative that we don't seem to be hearing much about anymore.

    The last attempt to take down Rightmove didn't work out well, did it?

    A few months back, we were being told that Homesearch and the other challenger portals would be offering a new way of doing things, with the SayNoToRightmove gaining some impressive traction for a time. Now we're being told Boomin is the best thing since sliced bread, despite no evidence to back this up.

    It might be a great success, but for now I will remain very sceptical about the chances of any new portal - particularly one backed by founders with a somewhat chequered past when it comes to long-term success.

  • Algarve  Investor

    easyProperty? Haha - the online agency which will just not die. I'm honestly amazed it's still in business. How many homes does it actually sell or let per year?

  • icon

    The future gold shekels promised by Boomin are tempting the weak, easily led and the greedy.


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