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Boomin pledge to reveal ‘agents who pay’ next week

New portal Boomin suggests it has “thousands” of agents who have signed up on a paid basis.

The portal - which launched almost exactly a year ago on April 1 2021 - has until now given agents completely free access for its first 12 months.  

However a statement from the portal this morning says: “As Boomin approaches its first anniversary it is pursuing a programme to secure the ongoing support of agents and is pleased with the significant appetite of agents to be at the forefront of customer and agent centric innovation. Boomin will be making its first agent signing announcement next week.”


Earlier in the same statement Boomin claims: “1000’s of agents supporting Boomin - first wave announcement due next week.”

And founder Michael Bruce adds: “We are so pleased with the support from agents who are signing up to Boomin as part of our ongoing programme of getting out there and engaging with them in the process.”

Meanwhile the portal has once again tweaked its lead generation feature called SmartVal.

It is increasing the time agents are given to accept a request from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, and the time to deliver the SmartVal is also up from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. 

Boomin says: “Whilst agents will now have a two hour window in total it is expected that the average time to complete an accepted SmartVal will remain at around seven minutes. Greater flexibility has also been added to offline SmartVals. When agents are offline during the evenings and weekends any SmartVals that come through will from today be available to accept until midday the next working day.”

With the portal now moving to get agents paying for the service for the first time, it adds: “Boomin estimates that the income generated from agents converting just one SmartVal per year is on average enough to cover the annual fee for being on the entire Boomin platform, with free access to all features for those signing up.”

Boomin is also announcing today that it will soon launch a customisable SmartVal widget that agents can host on their own website. 

“All customer requests through the widget will only go to the agent hosting the widget, guaranteeing them the exclusive opportunity and a new customer contact. The widget is guaranteed to be free to those signing up with Boomin now, alongside other lettings, investor and auction integrated innovation coming soon” it says.

Bruce continues: “SmartVal has been one of the stand out features of our first year and its power to generate new business for agents and its popularity with consumers is becoming increasingly evident. 

“Our latest enhancement to the service, extending the response times from 15 minutes to 60 minutes will enable SmartVal to scale further in the coming year handing more business to Boomin agents. 

“Our widget and nurturing programme will also give our agents greater opportunity, conversion and flexibility. SmartVal represents what Boomin is all about; using innovation and technology to create new tangible and quantifiable opportunities for agents.”

*SmartVal is powered in part by The ValPal Network’s valuation tool, owned by Angels Media, publisher of Estate Agent Today.

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    Nice advert but still won't be signing up. The whole social network style with shared income on associated purchases was tried by B&Q 15 years ago, it didn't work then and its not working now.

    Has anyone received any marketplace commissions?

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    Any sign of an App?

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    If the Smart Val tool is their best feature, it seems like they are pushing this and if ValPal provide the valuation tool then why don't agents just sign up to ValPal?

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    The site is awful - looks like a bucket shop - cheap and nasty


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