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Anti-money laundering checks can be conducted remotely via app

A new anti-money laundering app has been launched which allows agents to conduct checks remotely. 

The app allows access from devices - iPhones, Androids and tablets - to the AML verification platform already used by some 3,000 businesses worldwide. 

The SmartSearch app allows electronic verification of all documents remotely, allowing the checks to be conducted from client’s home or office and receive the results to their handheld device in seconds.


The app reads the name, full address and date of birth from the driving license - all the user has to add is their title or Mr, Mrs, Ms, etc, and press send.  

The system can then validate the information against credit reference databases and screen the person against worldwide sanction and watch-lists.

The results are delivered back to the user with a green tick or a red cross. 

The details are then automatically uploaded into the full system back at the office for those occasions that enhanced due diligence needs to be performed.   

The new client’s customer record will then be monitored either daily, weekly or monthly dependent on the client’s risk policies, for any changes to sanction and watch-lists.  

If the individual that the user wants to check has no driving license, they can input their name and address into their mobile device for the same checks to be carried out.


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