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Live-streaming viewings a good source of lead generation - claim

The increasingly common live-streaming of property viewings is becoming a source of lead generation according to an industry supplier.

The creators of Gavl, an app which allows live-streaming to be staged from an agent’s phone, has asked 2,250 users who actually attend live-streaming events to give their property status. 

Some 11 per cent who attend an open house viewing that’s live-streamed want to sell within the next 12 months, while six per cent of attendees are landlords likely to buy.


A further 38 per cent are prospective renters, 34 per cent are prospective buyers looking to purchase immediately, with 11 per cent looking to buy in the next 12 months.

Gavl says its research shows at least 17 per cent of attendees to live-stream open house viewings are sellers or landlords, attending as part of a research process. 

"They'll want to see how much similar local homes are worth on the current market, as well as the property features and trends that are popular with applicants" explains Joel Smith, chief executive of the app firm.

He adds that an open house livestream viewing gives vendors and landlords the chance to scope out agents to see how they market properties and if they are a suitable fit for their requirements.

"If a property seller or landlord has already seen how you carry out livestream viewings and interact with consumers, the agent's job when it comes to following up and securing the business is a lot easier" Smith explains.


"Offering a livestream open house viewing is an instruction-winner in itself as landlords and vendors increasingly want to see their property marketed in this way due to the buzz it creates and its unrivalled efficiency."

He suggests that by being able to see a consumer's current property status at the live-stream viewing stage, agents can save a significant amount of time on the qualification process; and he believes grouping attendees to live-stream viewings means no time is wasted speaking to tenants about the buying or selling process, while following up with prospective sellers and landlords can be prioritised.


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