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Mine's bigger than yours: Agency changes 'largest office' publicity

A branch of Martin & Co is changing the wording it uses on a leaflet following a complaint from a rival agency to the Advertising Standards Authority.

The independent Wigwam agency in Banbury complained to the ASA about a leaflet from the local Martin & Co office which featured the claim: “Give your home the exposure it deserves, to advertise your property in Banbury's most prominent window display and book your FREE market appraisal today." 

The other side of the leaflet featured the claim "to give your home the exposure it deserves, advertise your property in Banbury's biggest and brightest window display. More Viewings. Shortened Void Periods."


Wigwam challenged three references in the leaflet: firstly the terms "Banbury's most prominent window display" and "Banbury's biggest...window display"; then whether the agency could substantiate "More viewings"; and finally its reference to "Shortened Void Periods".

The ASA contacted Martin & Co and now says the agency will amend its claims "Banbury's most prominent window display" and "Banbury's biggest...window display" to state the firm believes the window display is one of the most prominent window displays in Banbury.

It also agreed to add the claim: “our prominent accessible office provides us with more applicants than before, which can be converted into more viewings and produce shorter void periods”. 

This makes clear that they are making a comparison between their old office and new office, rather than a comparison with their competitors, according to the ASA, which has as a result of this closed the case under its informal resolution procedures.


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