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Online agency claims first-ever ‘house purchase swap’

Two families have bought each other’s homes in what an online estate agency says is the first ever example of a ‘house purchase swap’ in the UK.

David West, from the Scottish town of Kinross, listed his three bedroom detached family home on the HouseSimple website in May of this year.

John Davie, who lives in the same town, spotted West’s house online and put in a request to view as he was looking for a larger house for his family.

During the viewing the families discussed each other’s properties; as a result, both made formal offers.

The families have now completed on their respective purchases.

“David and John have provided a glimpse into the future of home buying” says  Sophie Gosling, co-founder of HouseSimple.

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    Excuse me is it April 1st. These boys need to get out more. This is not at all uncommon. And it’s a byproduct of great estate agency. We sell a significant number of homes off market in this climate and house swaps feature regularly,,

  • Mark Treagust

    This is fairly common practice for many agents. I had two completions on Friday where clients swapped (upsize/downsize), moved myself this way last year, and have arranged at least 5 other swaps over the last decade. #FlaseClaims

  • Phil Hathway

    Slow news day combined with lies. We did one approx 5 years ago and no doubt many proper agents have in the past.
    Publications/websites lose credibility by printing things that are obviously wrong.
    "first ever example in the UK" The more you read it the funnier it is - properties have been sold for decades before call centre agents came along.

  • Richard Down

    This just says it all about online estate agents, they honestly have no idea about the industry they are in. Currently in a chain with House simple and simple they are.......

  • jeremy clarke

    WTF? As a sales agent since the late 1980' this has always happened! A good negotiator would spot the opportunity when a property was listed, a good neg knows his vendors and applicants - we used to call it "working the box" when negs had physical applicant cards to phone out on. Often the top of the chain would "complete" the circle by buying the small property at the bottom of a chain, I've seen many a time when the seller at the top was looking to buy a family home plus investment and the property at the bottom became that investment! Is this another claim for the toothless asa to "settle informally?"

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    How is this the 'first ever example'? PX happens all the time?


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