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allAgents v Purplebricks - "major announcement" expected

allAgents, the review website in dispute with Purplebricks, says a “major announcement” is expected about its next step in the saga - but we’re going to have to wait until next week to find out what it is.

In a statement to Estate Agent Today last evening, allAgents’ Martin McKenzie said: “Our negotiations with Purplebricks broke down as we feel their business ethics are not in line with our own.  However, there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes and we plan to make a major announcement early next week. We will not be bullied into submission by them, or anyone else.”

The dispute stretches back to the early autumn when allAgents suspended the Purplebricks reviews - removing 71 of them from its website - because of legal letters sent by the hybrid agency to the reviews service.


allAgents insisted its reviews were accurate and checked by the service’s own verification systems; Purplebricks took a different view, saying it had sent a sample of the reviews back to allAgents to verify because they appeared to be inaccurate.

allAgents unsuccessfully attempted to raise £50,000 via crowdfunding to fund a legal defence in case of legal action should the disputed reviews be reinstated.

Meanwhile Purplebricks - which makes much of its thousands of reviews on general reviews site Trustpilot - announced an agreement with another reviews site, Feefo.

It’s going to be a busy few days next week - on Wednesday Purplebricks issues interim results for six months’ trading up to October 31; and now, with no date given, allAgents will be making what it describes as a “major announcement.”

  • Welsh  Cynic

    We now know that Purple Bricks obtain their testimonials soon after they take instructions, perhaps with an incentive, which would account for the incredibly high percentage of 5 star reviews they have on Trust Pilot. That has damaged Trust Pilot's credibility and it is very regrettable that the same is likely to happen to Feefo, so far a highly respected review provider.

  • Cardiff Residential Estates

    Kelvin I completely agree, the amount of 'testimonials' they have for even just conducting a viewing is quite shocking. I see you cannot leave a review on their Facebook page and its very hard to locate them on Google.
    I am glad to see Allagents not giving in to the corporate bullying. Having received one of the PB threatening legal letters I am amazed they think they can try and bully people into liking and just agreeing with them.


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