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PropTech experts to debate how moving and buying could be improved

A round table will take place tomorrow between some of the country’s leading PropTech experts and the British Property Foundation to explain how technology could be used to improve the much-criticised house buying and selling process.

The UK PropTech Association and the BPF are jointly holding the event to address issues thrown up by the ‘call for evidence’ from the Department for Communities & Local Government.

The DCLG recently said it would be looking at how to make the process cheaper, faster and less uncertain

The UKPA says technology has already helped to significantly improve parts of the home buying process. It says its members ViewMyChain, Search Acumen, eMoov and Hystreet have been amongst those operators seeking to constantly innovate. 

The UKPA says it wants anyone involved in the buying and selling process to join the discussion and feed into the consultation. You can get more details at www.ukproptech.com. 

Poll: Can PropTech make the housing buying process quicker, cheaper and easier?


  • Rob Hailstone

    Not sure who asked the two questions, but if it was the UKPA, should some of its members be calling their customers profession, 'outdated'?

    Good to see the discussion is open, but 24 hours notice and on budget day is unfortunate.

    Will anyone from the 'outdated' profession be taking part?

  • James Dearsley

    Hey Rob.

    The UKPA didn't put that poll together as I think Graham (the author of the article) wanted to gauge opinion. Interesting to see how many people are answering yes to that poll though (so far)

    With DCLG actively involved now I should think this debate will be around a while so I am sure there will be another opportunity.


  • Rob Hailstone

    Thought the questions might have come from EAT and not UKPA James. Not objecting to the questions per se, just the unnecessary dig at conveyancing and conveyancers.

    At the SLC/BLG conference last week we discussed getting together a roundtable of all 'stakeholders'. and interested parties. Russell Quirk was in attendance and agreed it could be counterproductive if there were too many initiatives all going off at a tangent?

  • James Dearsley

    Agreed. Might be worth speaking to the UKPA about it as would be a good extension of this discussion tomorrow into the New Year.

    Pop over to https://ukproptech.com/ and pop them a message. Sammy will no doubt come back to you about it.


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