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OnTheMarket claims 10m visits and 2,500 firms

OnTheMarket claims it has achieved 10 million visits to the site with 90 million page views in three months.

The portal launched on January 26 and it says in April alone it received 3.5m visits with an average of 9.31 pages viewed and an average of 6.5 minutes spent on the site by each user. 

The portal admitted that it is “focused on attracting currently active property-seekers who are likely to represent a fraction of the total traffic to more established portals.”


OnTheMarket - which has had a series of spats with Zoopla over traffic figures - says it uses Google Analytics for its latest visits claim. OTM says it has recruited more than 800 estate and letting agent offices this year alone and now has a membership of more than 5,000 offices representing more than 2,500 firms.

OTM also says its TV advert has been aired more than 5,000 times and watched by 44.8 million people. Some 100 press adverts have run and its online adverts have generated around 155m and its our pay-per-click campaign has delivered some 55m more. 

“We are confident in becoming the number two property portal by the end of January, 2016 on our way to achieving our medium term objective of becoming the market leader.” says OTM chief executive Ian Springett.

Zoopla Property Group’s communications chief Lawrence Hall, however, says OTM’s three-month visitor total is only the same as ZPG averages every six days even though the new portal “is broadly charging the same advertising rates as ZPG.”

He claims this means agents advertising on OTM are paying at least 15 times the market rate for their digital marketing. 

“This is not sustainable for those businesses to remain competitive.Given that OTM audience figures were flat from March to April and would need to grow by at least 15 times over the next eight months to meet their prediction of catching ZPG, perhaps they should look at charging their members a fairer monthly rate of around £10” he says.

  • Trevor Mealham

    OTM is a cartel. Its old technology. It doesn't make 2 years.

  • Trevor Mealham

    Last 2 weeks INEA linked up 6 Shepway agents who will mls share listings.

    2 of those serving notice to RM. Estimatr those agents will each have 60/80 sub listings to offer on top of own stock. Non like OTM / future is agents collaborating as was common traditionally many years ago. Lets bring back higher shared fees and access to more stock. Lets lose thse high portal fees

  • Jon  Tarrey

    Hmm. Sounds very dubious. Any actual links to these results or is it all just PR hot air?

  • Trevor Mealham

    Hi Jon. I'll name agents just joined. 2 x Andrew and Co. 1 x Alexander Fleming. The Good Agent. South Key Homes and Stephen Alleyne. Data feeds being alivned into INEA. 4-5 more Shepway agents interested who may come in, in the next 3-4 weeks.

  • Trevor Mealham

    Agents fed up with high costs of portals. One of others interested poss to leave OTM. INEA gives properties back. Its better agency. Its old fashioned agency. OTM is just a RM2

  • Rob  Davies

    We keep hearing about how successful OTM have been but we still haven't seen any actual evidence for it.

  • Fake Agent

    I'm not as anti OTM as some on here, but these figures do seem a little too optimistic.

  • icon

    Well Google Analytics is probably the most trusted source of figures but of course only AM know the exact figures. If true - which would be very belivable - OTM and its agents should be very proud of a great start.

  • icon

    wow...They have 10m visits but most importantly where are the leads & enquiries!


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