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Agents invited to meet top US real estate technology expert in London

Estate agents interested in operating multiple listing services in the UK have the opportunity to meet one of the United States’ leading real estate technologists next week. 

Rob Larson, chief information officer at the California Regional Multiple Listing Service, will be in central London from 4pm on Thursday December 17 to meet with estate agency companies, software firms, other technologists and potential investors to explore how MLS could grow in the UK.

From January 1 around 900 MLS’s operating under the umbrella of the National Association of Realtors will be adopting an upgraded system which has been created by a team led by Larson. 


“We see this as a great opportunity for those interested in bringing greater innovation to the UK, be they technologist, agent or investor to have the opportunity to meet with others in the property industry to discuss how MLS could innovate the UK to a better B2B agent-to-agent platform” explains Trevor Mealham of the Independent Network of Estate Agents.

“INEA has been fortunate enough to have known Rob for some years now and his time in the UK will allow us to open his experience and understanding of US MLS to interested parties in the UK” says Mealham.

The association says Larson’s work - known as the Data Dictionary - will be behind nearly every US residential property sale in the United States from next year onwards. 

Those interested in attending the meeting should contact Trevor Mealham on admin@inea.co.uk.

  • Trevor Mealham

    There's a lot of interest already, so please don't leave contacting too late. In particular were looking to work with agent softwares to back integrate our UK MLS/idx feed which means their agents would have access to 100's of more listings = more sales = more agent revenue.

    Rob Larson is the highest profile real estate/property technologist in the USA currently, so this is a wonderful opportunity for anyone in UK estate agency to come along to London and ask the great man the latest in whats happening in US prop tech and discuss how MLS can roll in the UK. Technologists, resellers even investors welcome .

    I can be emailed on admin@inea.co.uk

  • Steven Thompson

    Sounds like a great opportunity for the right people.

  • Trevor Mealham

    Yes Steven, MLS would create the hybrid model that would open up UK stock.

    More alike the mortgage and insurance industries operate where a agent broker could offer whole of market properties via fellow agents, rather than what they ONLY have on their OWN books.

    MLS could sit between portals uniting agents. It could also damage (the very) budget models whose fees are too low to share back. So higher fees. Lower portal costs, access to more listings. Ticks many boxes.

  • Anna  Dickson

    A man who really knows what he's talking about! A rare opportunity to meet a real innovator in the business. Sounds too good to be true Trevor, what's the catch?

  • Trevor Mealham

    Hi Anna, have you ever heard Dyson, Branson or top of the tree athletes talk proudly about what they do and share their experiences??

    Rob is TOP of the real estate game in the USA. He has overseen the changeover that is about to happen there.

    I have known Rob for 6 years, he has seen UK estate agency decline with fees falling. He also understand legislation and the impact it can have.

    I asked Rob as a favour to share his experience, wisdom and knowledge. He accepted and as such there is NO catch.

    US MLS associations bring stakeholders together be they government, agents or technologists. INEA has lobbied hard on agent and consumer property issues. We've invested heavily in breaking the rightmove restraints to allow agents to co broker to access more local listings and achieve better fees.

    The catch is that there is no catch, Rob has no commercial gain. he's just a bloody decent professional that's willing to share his work and insights and offer the UK his insight to what we too could have.


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