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NAEA members can see how Americans do it - and enjoy Florida sun

A partnership between the National Association of Estate Agents and the Florida Realtors Association means up to 40 NAEA members have an opportunity to visit the Sunshine State next month to see how the Americans do business. 

There are spaces for up to 40 association members to take part in the NAEA Florida Trade Mission 2016 and see some of the exclusive communities that litter the West Palm Beach, Tampa Bay and Orlando areas, plus seeing some of the property hotspots of the area, and inspect some new-builds.

There will be visits to golf developments, areas of Florida which have traditionally been of great interest to British buyers - particularly Naples, Florida Keys, Sarasota, the Panhandle and St. Augustine - and of course there will be plenty of opportunities to speak with realtors directly to get their handle on the market.

The association says Florida realtors will pay substantial referral fees to UK agents for contracts achieved with UK buyers, with similar fees when their services are needed for the sale of UK owned Florida properties.

More details from susanneedham@naea.co.uk.

  • Trevor Mealham

    The main thing the Yanks do is work together via MLS. Lets hope the NAEA members going take note. Its superior to UK agency as brokers open access to whole of market properties, rather than JUST whats on their own register.

    Calls to question why NAEA supports Agents Mutual that bans some UK MLS platforms. Kettle and black ckme to mind.


    What they do in the USA is create a healthy competitive environment where agents ( realtors ) work together that benefits the main stakeholders...sellers, buyers & agents. Fees are much higher compared to the UK - makes you wonder who has got it right.

    Jon  Tarrey

    So you're calling for even higher fees? That will make estate agents even more unpopular than they currently are. As Trevor points out, it's the collaboration (not the competition) that is key across the pond.

    I do find that estate agents are a delicate, defensive bunch. Any criticism against them - whether it be fees that are too high or the old "not a real profession line" - is batted away furiously.

    Trevor Mealham

    Jon. US agents do have higher fees. But also provide greater extended exposure via fellow mls agents to reach more buyers and tenants.

    The result is often more applicants viewing and offering thus higher/better stc's

    The higher fees are totally justified compared to budget fees for less in the UK.

    The biggest UK restraint is from the de facto rightmove schema that isnt good for agents b2b interoperability to enable data sharing.

    The same flaw feed schema was adopeted by Z and onward otm.

    Change the feed schema to mls and we could mass do this in the UK. Budget agents would then be in trouble as they dont have enough fee in the pot to share commission.

    The USA is about to upgrade its data schema nationally on Jan 1st. I have the CTO Rob Larson over in London Thursday 17th for those interested at looking into MLS in the UK

  • Trevor Mealham

    David. I'd agree. But replace 'competitive' with collaborative.

    The Yanks make their job of selling much easier as they offer from their local MLS shared property pool.

  • Jonathan Rolande

    What a great idea. I wonder though if agents from Florida will be as keen to visit UK estate agencies?

    Anna  Dickson

    Yes I'm not sure if visiting rainy England provides quite the same exciting opportunity that Florida provides either Jonathan! UK agents could certainly learn a thing or two from the US collaborative system, that's for sure!


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