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7 tactics to generate more successful viewings with Reapit

28 March 2023 5017 Views
7 tactics to generate more successful viewings with Reapit

Taking a proactive approach with viewing generation can increase foot flow through properties and generate more offers, and ultimately close more deals. Viewings are not only an opportunity to showcase a property in its best light, but they also provide a valuable opportunity to connect with potential buyers, answer questions, and build relationships. 

In this blog, we will explore the various ways in which estate agents can take a proactive approach to viewing generation, looking at seven effective tactics from agents that excel at generating more successful viewings. Each tactic will be linked to AgencyCloud – Reapit’s technology platform for estate agencies of all sizes, with tools covering saleslettingsproperty managementclient accountsanalyticsblock management and our client portal.

1. Become property experts 

Have your negotiators visited all available properties?  Are they capable of describing them accurately to a buyer? Arrange for sales staff to visit all existing stock and book appointments to view new instructions as they come to the market.

The Diary in AgencyCloud can be used to book and manage appointments, with full details of colleagues’ diary movements across all branches. Power Reports can be utilised to produce detailed reports on staff performance – are they booking in visits, and if so when? Use in conjunction with the Diary to ensure your teams are prioritising daily tasks, and generating the most efficient use of their time for your agency.

2. Define your sales approach

Are sales staff using a structured sales approach and selling the idea of booking a viewing to applicants, rather than just waiting for a viewing request?

Use the Power Reports to the review numbers of applicants contacted and viewings booked to establish conversion rates and compare these against pre-agreed KPIs. Journal records of matches can record conversations between sales staff and applicants regarding precious matches against specific properties, to identify those keen to view properties.

3. Know your area like the back of your hand

Personal or office targeting, financial incentives or league tables can increase viewing levels in more assertive sales offices. Whilst this approach can work well in the right environment it sometimes generates high levels of weak viewings if the emphasis is just on viewing numbers, which could annoy clients and waste valuable office time.

The Sales Daily Report allows managers to review staff performance and then discuss in daily morning meetings. Use it to determine your strengths and weaknesses and create action plans and incentives to encourage best practice in the workplace.

4. Maximise applicant viewings

Once a viewing has been arranged it is often much easier to book a viewing on a second property. Are negotiators aware of this? Make sure that this is included within any internal training courses.

The Applicant Analysis MI report lets you review applicants by number of viewings booked, cross-referenced by negotiator – this allows you to identify which staff members tend to book multiple viewings. Incorporate these into your internal training to get the most out of your team so that they can drive applicant viewings.

5. Determine your ‘hot’ applicants

Do you link the ‘hot applicant’ status to viewings? Viewing a property is often an indication of a commitment to the house buying process – viewers with the ability to buy should be regarded as ‘hot’ and targeted when new instructions are matched.

The Applicant Status functionality within AgencyCloud offers the ability to set a ‘Hot / General / Cold’ status against each applicant – giving you a detailed view of applicants best to target. Use the Power Reports against applicants with no status registered to help drive data quality.

6. Review stock and adapt

Does your office regularly review stock that is not attracting viewings?  Make sure this is a regular discussion point in the branches – encourage staff to propose ideas to increase viewing levels.

Power Reports can be used against properties that are for sale but have not had viewings within a given period to identify potential price reductions. Adapt your strategies accordingly to find potential applicants and match them with their ideal home.

7. Give your offices a facelift

Simply rearranging a window or wall display can sometimes generate fresh interest in less popular stock. Make sure all offices with window or wall displays rearrange them on a regular basis.

With Property Records and Window Card templates available within AgencyCloud you can have several different window card templates so that the same information can be freshened up if necessary.

Want to find out more about how Reapit’s AgencyCloud CRM platform can help your agency to generate more successful viewings? Visit our website to find out more or book a demo today

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