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Forced into a corner with your CRM?

06 September 2022 3669 Views
Forced into a corner with your CRM?

Choosing the right technology platform for your agency is hard. Getting it wrong is easy.

The last thing you need is to be forced into a corner with a CRM that doesn’t meet your needs - or allow you to work the way you want to. But how do you go about choosing technology that’s right for your agency?

Well, it helps if you speak with people who know a thing or two about estate agency software, having worked with some familiar names before joining Reapit.

Get to know Aarran Ellis, Sharice Rann, and Steve Aston – and find out why the best way to future-proof your business is to get in with Reapit.

Aarran Ellis, Sales Director for SMB

Forced into a corner with your CRM?Aarran has been in the property industry for over 16 years, working with independent professional estate and letting agents from across the UK. He was the third employee to join Jupix all the way back in 2007 and has worked with many great agents during his time with Zoopla Jupix, Expert Agent, Alto and CFP. Aarran joined Reapit this year to help us launch Agency Edition, a new best-practice focused, off-the-shelf AgencyCloud package for smaller agencies. He is super keen to help agents understand what Reapit can offer them as a technology partner that has been supporting the industry tor 25 years – and continues to innovate! Aarran was impressed by the passion and drive of the Reapit Team - and the fact that we’re continuing to build on a technology platform that will future-proof our customers.

Sharice Rann, Regional Sales Manager

Forced into a corner with your CRM?Sharice has over nine years’ experience working with Estate Agency software. She joined the sales team at Expert Agent in 2013 when it was still an independent company. When Expert Agent was acquired by Zoopla in 2017, Sharice moved into the wider sales team, working with Jupix and Alto as well. Sharice recently made the decision to move to Reapit, where she’s been helping to spread the word about Agency Edition.


Steve Aston, Regional Sales Manager

Forced into a corner with your CRM?Steve has over eight years’ experience as a Sales Manager in the PropTech space and brings great knowledge and understanding of the day-to-day challenges faced by estate agents. He has previously worked at both Zoopla and Dezrez, so has a well-rounded understanding of the industry. Steve  prides himself on delivering technical solutions that drive efficiencies and improve customer service, so we’re sure he’ll excel at Reapit in his new role as a Regional Sales Manager. Outside of work, Steve spends most of his time keeping his two young children entertained, with any time leftover spent surfing.

These three offer years of experience with estate agency software, and they’ve chosen to join Reapit to help you choose a technology platform that will future-proof your business. They’re joining some other familiar names from the industry, including Gemma Taylor, Sikander Yasin, Jake Hughes and Stephen Gallagher.

How was the Reapit onboarding experience?

“I was anxious about it to begin with because everybody talks about how difficult it is to migrate data. Everybody talks about how difficult it is to change a CRM. It was actually a dream. It was a fantastic experience, from the initial conversations that we had with the project team to being assigned a project manager, our weekly catch-up calls, with a clearly defined project strategy throughout and people getting on with what they should have been doing, when they should have been doing it, it was fabulous. We went from start to finish in six weeks, it was a dream.”

Ben Gee, Founder | Hat and Home

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