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Manage your lettings activity with Task Plans in Reapit’s AgencyCloud

05 August 2021 34384 Views
Manage your lettings activity with  Task Plans in Reapit’s AgencyCloud

Trust the process: subscribe your landlords and tenants to Task Plans and receive automated prompts when it’s the right time to nurture, follow up and re-engage with your clients. Only available in Reapit’s CRM software, AgencyCloud.

According to 53% of agents that took part in Reapit’s 2021 CRM Survey, the most important hallmark of a good CRM is to boost business efficiency. It’s the ability to automate manual tasks that drain time and mental energy, and re-focus that effort on providing a personal customer experience to every client that enters your letting agency.

A modern-day lettings business requires a completely multifaceted skillset to bring in and nurture leads, market properties, manage tenancies, and run endless client accounts processes; all while managing new customers’ expectations and keeping your existing customers happy.

But the strain isn’t restricted to small teams. It’s also a balancing act for larger businesses that manage thousands of tenancies throughout the UK.

Lighten the load with Task Plans

In Reapit’s Knowledge Base, AgencyCloud’s Task Plans feature is described as a:

‘…pre-defined sequence of steps which are applied to a specific record. Each step might be a reminder to call, send an e-mail, send a letter, or trigger a pre-set workflow, which could itself display a specific screen or run a program. Task Plans are extremely flexible and can be very simple or highly complex, depending on requirements.’

Once you have pre-defined your Task Plan steps, a landlord, tenancy or property record can be subscribed to a plan with a few clicks, setting in motion a series of prompts to engage your client with optimum efficiency - we’ve shared a few examples below.

Key benefits of Task Plans to lettings agents:

  • Giving yourself some headspace by offloading the 101 tasks your brain holds onto.

  • Re-focusing your attention by subscribing clients to Task Plans and prioritising the customer experience rather than the to-do list.

  • Shifting from being reactive to proactive; pre-setting prompts to keep one step ahead of every tenancy.

Task Plans offer complete peace of mind, enabling agents to store essential daily tasks within AgencyCloud and only bring them to surface when it’s time to take action. And you can attach SMS, email and letter templates to each task, so it’s ready to be carried out in a few clicks.

Now, let's see how the Task Plans can slot into your Lettings workflow:

Nurturing landlord leads

When a landlord lead enters your CRM database, the first step can be to subscribe them to a Task Plan; for example, ‘New landlord’. This plan could involve pre-defined prompts, such as:

  • Task Plan starts: Schedule initial call to set up a market appraisal.

  • 2 days after start: Send a templated reminder of your services.

  • 3 days from previous task: Send a templated email with landlord testimonials.

  • 3 days from previous task: Follow-up call.

  • Continue nurturing with useful content…

At any point, if the landlord decides to instruct your business, you can remove them from the plan and subscribe them to a new one; for example, Instructed Landlord. Equally, if they opt for a competitor instead, you can then subscribe them to ‘Let By Another Agent’.

Manage your lettings activity with  Task Plans in Reapit’s AgencyCloud

Nurturing lost landlord leads

Some agents find it counterintuitive to continue nurturing lost leads, but it’s worth staying top of mind in case they have a bad experience with another agent. And, as with all Task Plans, you only need to pre-set your prompts once before you subscribe users, so there’s no wasted time.

  • Task Plan starts: Landlord has opted for another agent.

  • 30 days after start: Follow up and see if the landlord has found a tenant yet.

  • 9 months after previous task: Check in to see if the landlord is happy with his agent.

  • 2 weeks after previous task: Send a templated email reminder of your services.

  • Continue re-engaging…

And at any point in the flow, you can move a customer to a different plan; for example, if the landlord is unhappy with his other agent after 30 days and wants to learn more about your service offering.

Getting proactive with Tenancy Renewals

Skipping to the point when a tenant has been found and vetted, you can think ahead by initiating their tenancy renewal, enabling you to extend their contract early with minimum fuss; or get the ball rolling to find a new a tenant, reducing the likelihood of any void period for your landlord.

  • Task Plan starts: Tenant moves in (One-year contract).

  • 8 months after previous task: Check in to see if the tenant is happy and has any plans to extend their contract.

  • 2 months after previous task: Follow up to confirm whether the tenant wants to stay in the property.

  • Confirm with the landlord, and re-subscribe the tenant…

Prepare to re-market the property

The tenant’s decided to move out, so it’s time to re-engage your landlord. The aim is to instigate the conversation early so the property’s ready to go back on the market as soon as the tenant serves their notice.

  • Task Plan starts: Tenant confirms plan to serve notice.

  • 1 days after start: Inform the landlord.

  • 3 days after previous task: Send them a templated reminder of your services.

  • 5 days after previous task: Follow-up call (if they haven’t decided to re-market yet).

  • 7 days after previous task: Send them useful content on the lettings market.

  • Continue re-engaging…

Manage your lettings activity with  Task Plans in Reapit’s AgencyCloud

More scenarios where Task Plans are effective:

  • After the landlord’s property goes live on portals; regularly checking in and managing expectations when viewings are low or there are no offers.

  • Collecting (and chasing up) details, documents and certificates for landlords.

  • Collecting (and chasing up) details, documents and referencing for tenants.

  • Ahead of gas, electric and EPC certificate expiries.

  • Collecting landlord and tenant testimonials.

Task Plans enable your business to take a proactive approach to running menial but essential daily tasks, saving your agents significant time in the long run whilst continuing to go the extra mile for customers. Reduce that backlogged to-do list without skipping tasks and rely on Task Plans to supercharge your business efficiencies.

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