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Four high-performing agencies that have benefited from Reapit’s AppMarket

26 August 2021 4691 Views
Four high-performing agencies that have benefited from Reapit’s AppMarket

A career in property can be fun and rewarding, but it’s a busy world to live and work in. As we dash from property to property, in and out of the office it’s often difficult to squeeze everything into the working day. There never seems to be enough time.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple way of releasing a few hours every week, giving you a chance to catch up on some of those all-important tasks you often have to put aside. Some extra prospecting for instructions perhaps? Or maybe connecting with some applicants and arranging some viewings? Or simply a chance to clear the admin you’ve been meaning to sort for ages.

The Reapit AppMarket can give you that time. Seamless integrations and apps saving you valuable hours by putting your tech stack exactly where you need it: at the heart of your agency CRM.

Here are four testimonials from high-performing companies that use Reapit’s award-winning AgencyCloud CRM, all of whom have saved time and effort by downloading apps and integrations from the Reapit AppMarket.

Agency: David Lee

Four high-performing agencies that have benefited from Reapit’s AppMarket

By engaging with the Reapit AppMarket, staff at David Lee have continued to work with the tech partners they love, alongside their CRM property and applicant data. Life is made easier, processes simplified, and valuable time saved.

“As an agency, we are always looking at ways to grow and develop the tools and systems within our business, and to support this we need to ensure we are as efficient as possible. Reapit’s AppMarket allows us to do this by giving us the opportunity to integrate lots of the PropTech that we use throughout the business.

Reapit’s AppMarket allows us to bring together the likes of Goodlord, Area, and CCT into our CRM, saving us several hours of time with the seamless integrations. Processes are made simpler for our team as the AppMarket allows us to further embed them into the system. Apps are readily available to be installed, which means we have been able to integrate more of our processes at a click of a button.

With the continual improvements and innovations Reapit have made and continues to make, we are confident in the AppMarket and AgencyCloud’s ability to support us as we continue to grow as a business. All in all, the AppMarket alone has saved us lots of time and sped up our processes by reducing the need for double entry and multiple dashboards, allowing us to use that time to focus on winning more instructions and on expanding our business.”

Agency: Homes of Bath (Fine & Country)

Four high-performing agencies that have benefited from Reapit’s AppMarket

This next agent has used the Reapit AppMarket to upgrade their appointment time management and saved 10 hours a month whilst negotiating the busy streets of historic Bath.

“Reapit’s AppMarket is simple to use and puts all your potential PropTech solutions in one location. Downloading apps is easy: one click and the process begins. Whether you are already utilising the third-party app provider or not, it can all be handled through the AppMarket.

The AppMarket allows us to make both cost and time savings that we can re-invest into our business, and alongside the third-party app offerings there are also a selection of apps that Reapit has developed themselves. One of these is the
GEO Diary, which allows our negotiators to quickly access their diary from the app on their mobiles whilst out of the office on appointments. The app allows you to plan your journey, contact your clients, and access valuable information in seconds. It is a live connection with Reapit which means if an appointment is cancelled while you’re on the road, your GEO Diary app will update with this live information.

Using the AppMarket has saved us 10 hours a month versus our previous integration processes, and we have been able to re-invest this time into generating more valuations and conducting more viewings to generate additional business.”


Agency: Michael Graham

Four high-performing agencies that have benefited from Reapit’s AppMarket

Michael Graham have used the Reapit AppMarket to improve their marketing processes and performance, saving them a valuable 2.5 hours per office per week. 

“Since installing the Integrated Interest integration via Reapit’s AgencyCloud platform, not only have we seen a huge improvement on our marketing content but a huge time saver for our end-users too. Our previous supplier did not integrate with AgencyCloud so the process of logging in to a separate portal would cost us valuable time. Integrated Interest have also created a product whereby any customers who wish to ‘Unsubscribe’ will now automatically be unsubscribed from our database. The process to unsubscribe a customer would take roughly 5 minutes each, now this is automated, it will save us circa 2.5 hours of valuable business generation time per office, per week minimum. We look forward to seeing how the AppMarket can continue to grow and evolve our business.”

Agency: Tempocasa Estate Agents

Four high-performing agencies that have benefited from Reapit’s AppMarket

Tempocasa Estate Agents are keen Goodlord users and by using their integration in the Reapit AppMarket are saving a substantial eight full working days a quarter! 

“Tempocasa are modernising as an agency and to do this we are always looking for solutions to support our growth while ensuring we remain as efficient as possible. Reapit’s AgencyCloud now instantly integrates solutions from leading PropTechs through the AppMarket allowing us to seamlessly install and start using apps immediately, giving us time and cost savings that we can re-invest into our business.

Goodlord is a solution currently available on the AppMarket that Tempocasa have integrated as we recognise Goodlord as an award-winning lettings platform that now allows us to manage the entire tenancy process in one place, from sending the offer letter through to rent collection saving our agency time and money. With Goodlord’s integration into AgencyCloud we do not have to repeat everything between two systems and with the improved efficiency this has already saved our teams on average eight days over a quarter. This time savings allows us to reinvest into improving our customer journey and allowing our teams to focus on generating more business.”

Want to find out more about the apps and integrations available in Reapit’s AppMarket and just how easy it is to install them into Reapit’s AgencyCloud with a single click?

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