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Build your tech stack with Reapit’s AppMarket

05 August 2021 6153 Views
Build your tech stack with Reapit’s AppMarket

For over 20 years, Reapit's CRM software has been the obvious choice for any self-respecting estate agency business. Used today by many of the largest and most successful estate agency brands in the UK, AgencyCloud is a tried, tested and trusted piece of kit.

The world of estate agency is changing. Over the last few years, companies have been springing up, offering creative solutions to many of the challenging problems that sales and lettings agents often face on a daily basis. Whilst these solutions often range from really useful to completely life-changing, accessing them all quickly and easily is not as simple as it would seem. Managers, negotiators and administrators are having to hop backwards and forwards between CRM systems and the ever-growing list of solution providers, flicking from webpage to webpage to find what they are looking for, and then are keying in the same information, time after time after time.

The good news is that Reapit has the solution. Within its very familiar AgencyCloud toolbar is a link to its AppMarket, where you can access over 40 live applications and integrations, with many more about to become available. Here you can browse, install, manage and remove links to your favourite app providers. And yes, it's governed by configurable security, so business owners get to decide who does the installing and removing within their firms.

Build your tech stack with Reapit’s AppMarket

But here is the clever part. These companies haven't just set up a flow of information between themselves and AgencyCloud. Instead, they have worked alongside the Reapit team and built apps that, once installed, either replace or supplement screens within your desktop CRM. No longer do you need to have multiple web pages open on your desktop, each one for a different provider. All that information is available on the familiar screens of AgencyCloud. So, no need to learn a new environment, key in the same things twice, struggle to find what you are looking for, everything is easy to find in one place, sitting side by side with information from all the other apps you use and love.

And it isn't just there to be read. Enter information on the relevant new screen in AgencyCloud, and it will appear on the provider's corresponding webpage. And yes, it works the other way round as well.

So, with Reapit's AgencyCloud CRM software you can stop playing technological hopscotch, concentrate on one tool, use it to engage with a fast-growing number of service providers, and then get on with the important business of selling or letting property.

Want to find out more about the apps available in Reapit’s AppMarket and just how easy it is to install them into Reapit’s AgencyCloud with a single click?

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