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Achieve complete tech stack synergy with Reapit’s AppMarket

02 November 2021 23743 Views
Achieve complete tech stack synergy with Reapit’s AppMarket

Tech stack is a term often used nowadays to describe all the software tools within a business. Calling it a stack is really quite insightful, as if badly managed a stack of things can become unstable and ultimately collapse. And this is the problem faced by many sales and lettings agents across the property industry, as the number of available business technology solutions seems to be growing exponentially. As new and innovative tools appear they are quickly added to each agent's existing pile, but ironically even though each one solves a particular business challenge, collectively they can create a new one.

The humble API has long been a means of connecting disparate software packages by allowing them to access and share each other's data. There's nothing particularly new about this concept - it's a tried and trusted solution. However, it doesn't really solve the tech stack problem as it simply creates a conduit; agents still end up having to log in and out of multiple screens to find the data they need - challenging at the best of times in any business setting, but particularly frustrating in a customer facing environment. The last thing you want when engaging with a busy landlord, vendor or applicant is to be scrabbling around, trying to find valuable information.

Reapit's AgencyCloud CRM provides a solution to the teetering tech stack challenge. Its integrated AppMarket is rapidly being populated by apps that connect it to both  existing heavyweight players such as Brief Your Market, Goodlord, FixFlo, Acaboom and SMS Speedway, plus the fast-growing range of new technology providers and their innovative solutions to the challenges faced by sales and lettings agents today.

The beauty of Reapit's offering compared to other agency CRM providers is that once installed, the apps allow the user to access all the information they need in the one place that makes sense: alongside their property data within the CRM. Fire up a property record in AgencyCloud and there it all is, instantly available. No need to open additional screens or scrabble around for logins and passwords, it's all there in front of you.

So, not only is your tech stack safe and secure, but so is your future. As the property market changes and flexes over the coming years and software suppliers continue to develop solutions to the challenges that always accompany growth, Reapit's AgencyCloud will ensure that their customers can confidently ride the wave of emerging technology as their existing app providers update their offerings within the AppMarket, and new ones appear to solve problems we cannot even foresee today.

With Reapit’s AppMarket and AgencyCloud CRM you can finally achieve complete tech stack synergy. Want to know more? Sign up for a 15-minute demonstration with a Reapit trainer!

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