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Improving pipeline management with mio

07 July 2020 10712 Views
Improving pipeline management with mio

Let’s face it sales progression is difficult and frustrating:

1)The process has never been properly joined up - the average chain has 3 properties, meaning everything is duplicated by a multiple of 3, because agents work in isolation. It’s a merry-go-round of telephone calls and emails between agents, lawyers, surveyors and mortgage brokers. And, you have to keep buyers and sellers updated as well.  

2) Many agents still use paper-based systems - with individuals maintaining their own files. Remote working has really highlighted the vulnerabilities of this approach but even for teams based in an office, it makes it really hard to progress a sale if the person who has been managing the process is off work for any reason. The process is outdated, increases risk and doesn’t facilitate collaboration.   

3) Agents work really hard, but lack of time means they don’t always get the basics right - For example, chains aren’t fully qualified or important notes relating to the status of a transaction aren’t properly recorded.   

How can mio improve and speed up the process?

With remote working on the increase, digital cloud-based platforms, such as mio, can deliver immediate benefits to a branch because all the critical information is safely stored and shared in one place. The branch can work more cohesively to deliver a better customer experience whilst removing the risks associated with paper-based systems.

Those Agents using a CRM platform to progress sales benefit by unlocking the data at branch level but still operate in a silos. If the systems are not linked, you have lots of unconnected digital silos. With mio our system allows agents to connect and progress sales across a single chain view.

Another advantage of mio is the added benefit of validated data feeds from lawyers, surveyors and mortgage brokers to help automate milestone updates, which not only breaks down silos between agents but also begins to join up all parties in the property transaction, creating better transparency and efficiency.  CRM systems don’t benefit from this valuable and reliable source of information with the benefit of automation.

How can mio help to prevent fall-throughs happening?

Fall-throughs can never be eradicated completely but look at what those agents do differently who have consistently low numbers of fall throughs. They put their customers at the centre of everything they do. The mio consumer app makes it easy for every agent to interact with clients in a way that suits them, via the instant messaging feature.

The mio single chain view, provides more visibility over each stage in the transaction helping all Agents, involved in the chain, identify any potential issues before they derail the whole transaction.

mio is free of charge for 2020 and we can have you up and running in less than 24 hours. Join the mio community today.

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