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Giraffe360: A New Camera Transforming Floorplans and Property Photography

05 July 2019 8298 Views
Giraffe360: A New Camera Transforming Floorplans and Property Photography

It’s been a busy year for Giraffe360. Following its £1 million successful funding round in January and moving its headquarters from Riga to London, the PropTech startup has recently launched its groundbreaking new Model 3 camera.

In many ways, the Model 3 behaves more like a robot than a camera, automating many of the processes involved in preparing a property for marketing. Twice as fast as its predecessor, the Model 3 can scan and photograph an entire 2 bedroom property in 20 minutes. Its rotating sensor can scan 20,000 location points in one room in just two minutes, measuring the space and creating accurate floorplans automatically. It can even tell which floor each room is on.

The camera, which captures high definition imagery as standard, can be used on small or large spaces of any type, from residential to industrial, and even outdoors. The internal SIM card sends measurements and images to a remote server, via 4G or wifi, where they are processed and delivered back to agent ready for use.

Its sleek, sophisticated appearance, with easy two-button interface, automatic lens cap and always-on status screen, give little away of the device’s powerful functionality - though once you put it to work, you’ll soon see just what it’s capable of.

Giraffe360’s technology allows agents to automate tasks that were once time-consuming and costly, such as the manual measurements and creation of floorplans, property photography and creation of the virtual tours All the agent needs to do with the Model 3 is set up the tripod and hit a button.

The rise of the robots is certainly marching strong in PropTech, and Giraffe360’s newest offering is at the forefront. Automation is high on the agenda, with the need to save time and costs which could be better spent on customer experience at the forefront of agents’ minds.

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