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3 steps to building a strong brand

13 September 2018 10262 Views
3 steps to building a strong brand

What are the magic ingredients for building a strong brand, attracting new customers and building trust with your target market?

Gareth Helm, Chief Marketing Officer for ZPG gave his top tips for building and maintaining a strong brand identity and standing out in a crowded market in a video interview. Here are the top 3 takeaways:

Consistency, consistency, consistency

Once your brand identity is set it’s crucial that it’s executed consistently across every possible customer touchpoint. And this extends beyond logos and colour schemes, to less obvious channels, such as your fleet of cars and how invoices are presented and delivered.

Know your elevator pitch

Getting customer attention is hard, so don’t waste any opportunities. Work with your team to come up with an elevator pitch that gets your agency’s unique selling point across concisely, and can be used in every scenario. It needs to set you apart from competitors and it should be a point of difference that extends beyond money.

Stay true to your values

Your business will evolve over time and so may your brand identity, but staying true to your core values is important. Your customers have chosen your company because they identify with your message so try to stay faithful to those who have helped you grow. But do ensure that you give your brand a regular refresh to modernise your look. 

Finding a partner to develop your brand

Getting inspiration to develop a new brand or refresh existing brands is a challenging process but working with a partner who understands the industry can make things simpler. The design team at Ravensworth specialise in branding and design. We guide you through the process to ensure that your visual identity is clean and professional. With a diverse range of skills we support customers in navigating a multi-channel world where their assets need to work both online and offline.

Take a look at some of the rebranding projects we’ve worked on, with well known estate agents, to get an idea of what we can do. Get in touch to find out more about how Ravensworth can help you refresh your existing brand or develop a new one.

Watch the full video interview with Gareth Helm, Chief Marketing Officer at ZPG.

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