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Celebrate Christmas with #festivefloorplans

26 November 2018 5912 Views
Celebrate Christmas with #festivefloorplans

Popular floor plan drawing service Metropix is excited to announce some festive fun to celebrate reaching a significant milestone.

#festivefloorplans is being launched to celebrate hitting 12m floor plans archived in Metropix’s unique PlanBank.

PlanBank records every previous floor plan generated using the software, storing them for future use. When a matching address is entered Plan Bank automatically alerts users to the existence of full and partial matches.

In research conducted on 100 random properties, PlanBank flagged 23 exact matches and a further 71 partial matches where previously created plans can be used as a template to create the layout required.

The benefit to agents is simple; Metropix estimate that an exact match in PlanBank can save upto 80% of time producing a floor plan, and a partial match can save around 50%. In over 90% of cases using Plan Bank can at least halve the time it takes to create the floor plan.

And every plan is reprocessed to match account specifics improving efficiency without compromising on the quality of the finished article.

PlanBank is available on the recently released Metropix Mobile app and will be a central feature of the soon-to-be-launched updated version of Metropix.

The new version will feature an upgraded drawing engine, making drawing floor plans much easier and quicker.

#festivefloorplans will run throughout December.  Each one has been drawn using Metropix and will showcase some of the most festive, famous and fantastic floor plans 2018 has had to offer.

Each day we’ll release a new floor plan and we’d love you to get involved. Simply draw your own or send us your most interesting plans to support@metropix.com or tweet us @Metropix with the hashtag #festivefloorplans and we’ll share our favourites.


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