Join 2500 agents and use Outlook to win business

06 April 2016 2675 Views
Join 2500 agents and use Outlook to win business

Unlock the power of your emails

“You would never send thousands of canvass letters that did nothing, but most agents send emails with only a logo at the bottom where it rarely gets seen and does little to win business. Try adding images and they may get replaced with a red cross or worse still, end up in a junk folder.

Growth Mail transforms your Outlook emails into stunning interactive branding to promote your services or latest instructions and as they are clickable, drives potential clients and applicants to your website, valuation and social media pages or any videos and brochures that you have online.

It is designed exclusively for your company and Growth Mail also ensures that all employee's email signatures look professional. Among other features, we can create different designs for different branches/departments and it works from the most popular mobile devices.

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