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Increase leads with better property photos

16 March 2016 4056 Views
Increase leads with better property photos

In a digital age where we have an abundance of information at our fingertips via desktops, tablets and smartphones, our attention spans are shorter than ever before. We no longer have the time, nor the willingness, to read and digest large amounts of information. Instead we scan and switch between information sources, often paying very little attention to what is in front of us.

Good quality, eye-catching images break up large amounts of information, draw the readers eye and require little effort to digest.

Consider the most popular social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc - all are very much image based - and property portals have followed suit with property photographs representing up to 70% of the advert space when searching portal listings on a mobile device.

Increase leads with better property photos

15% of all searches on Rightmove are performed on a mobile device and average dwell times on summary result pages are less than three seconds. With that said, your property photographs must have impact to attract attention and encourage house hunters to click beyond the summary.

Mobile search has paved the way for far less emphasis on the written property description, with house hunters often disregarding properties that could be a good fit, based on poor property photographs alone.

Increase leads with better property photos

Photofixrthe photo enhancement service from Ravensworth will make your property photos better than your portal competition.

Fix common issues such as poor lighting, grey skies and lens distortion, as well as removing distracting objects such as cars, trampolines and personal belongings.

- Brighten

- Add blue sky

- Make grass green

- Correct lens distortion

- Remove object

Increase leads with better property photos

As well as achieving greater portal click-through's, enhancing your photos will also dramatically improve your offline marketing, from property brochures and window displays to door drops and direct mail.

To help you increase leads with better property photos, try Photofixr today with £10 free creditto get you started.

Visit: ravensworthplus.com

Enter code: EATCREDIT at checkout


*This voucher entitles you to £10 free credit against one Photofixr order and can only be used once per branch. The credit amount is not part redeemable and can only be used in one transaction over the value of £10.





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