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4 ways to make sure your agency gets noticed - by Nicola Jackson, Property Team Manager for telephone answering specialist Moneypenny

17 June 2015 4386 Views
4 ways to make sure your agency gets noticed - by Nicola Jackson, Property Team Manager for telephone answering specialist Moneypenny

Everywhere we look there’s talk of the high numbers of agents clambering for our attention on the crowded high street. So with properties reported to be in short supply and business wins at a premium, how do you stand out rather than stand still? Here are four sure fire ways to maximise your profile:

1)    Be above the noise not part of it

Customers are more discerning than they have ever been so what is it about your offer that will encourage them to walk through your door or contact you, rather than the agent down the road? What is making you different? Is your brand identity strong enough to make you stand out from the `noise’ of your competition? If you were a customer what would make you walk in?  Keep your messaging clear, consistent, recognisable and sharp – all part of reinforcing your brand personality and building a strong reputation.

2)    Create a campaign trail

For many companies – estate agents included - the idea of creating specific campaigns is something of an alien concept. It can give you a distinct advantage though so get smart when it comes to generating and delivering your marketing concepts. Plan well in advance to maximise seasonal campaigning, but don’t be afraid to (carefully) seize topical opportunities too. It’s a crowded space so be creative - supporting your brand values with clever tactics to get you noticed in a joined up way across a healthy mix of channels – shop front, print, online, social media and local news. Knowing your audiences and investing in clear targeted strategies will yield welcome results.

3)    Think big, act small

People buy from people they know, trust and relate to. `Wow’ your customers at every opportunity and you’ll soon find word of mouth recommendations spreading both off and online – endorsements more powerful than any amount of advertising. The small things can frequently turn into the big things and trigger huge responses on social media – both good and bad. So often it’s not the fees you charge that people talk to others about, but the little touches that make their experience of dealing with you a pleasant one – a good luck card, a box of chocolates, a celebratory bottle of fizz – minor details in the grand scheme but clients don’t forget them and word spreads.

4)    Smells like team spirit

In a busy world it can be hard to generate positive PR for your firm, but it’s not impossible. The agents doing it best are those right there in the thick of what’s going on in their community. What better way to make friends than to give something back by sponsoring or getting involved in local activities and charitable appeals/events?  Don’t just go with pet projects though, choose wisely to tie in with your brand image. You’ll not just be connecting locally but crucially delivering a feel good for your staff too.

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